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The Amazing Extraterrestrial
Mothership is Back!

by Prof. Josué Gonzáles

Posted: 12:11 November 14, 2008

"If we confessed that WE HAVE SIGHTED THE YELLOWISH MOTHERSHIP MORE THAN 3 TIMES, would you -kind readers- believe us?" could have been a beautiful inscription on Proyecto UFO Piura's headstone (if the mothership did not show up before the end of the year).

Most PUP members are institute students from modest homes. Every one in our contacting team has something to share with one another during a camp: water, food, money, blankets, and especially love and respect. They do not care if they lack modern camp equipment; they do not care if they are hungry or thirsty; they walk like brave young female and male soldiers with only one goal, one mission: to climb the highest hill to film the greatest stuff to share it with you all!!!

It, the first sighting of the great elongated UFO, was on March 24, 1990. Rafael Ramirez (who was 12) and I were taking part in a contacting camp of 14 people (2 journalists among them) on a solitary beach 50 km away from Piura. The place was a small west-coast bay called "Casitas".

It was around 6:30 pm. We were collecting some wood for the fire and suddenly, from a rare thick elongated cloud above us, a powerful orange-yellow flash of light was seen by every one of the UFO spotters that evening. Then the strange light continued flickering for 10 minutes or so.

Four years later, in 1994, my sister Ursula (who was 10) and I sighted the elongated UFO hovering and then slowly moving east over the house. It appeared a "full-white-light pencil" flying out of alignment. It was around 7:00 pm.

In 1999 we sighted an elongated white object on the ground (relatively small compared to the others) at around 8:30 pm during a camp in the desert between Piura and Paita.

Then Satipo (in the middle of the PERU jungle) was going to be the perfect place for the enormous spacecraft to show up during the rock concert on June 29, 2000. There was only one camera videotaping; there was only one man awaiting.

Soon after the release of the mothership footage on YOUTUBE, PUP was on the Piura desert again. We were having another usual Saturday contacting camp on October 4, 2008. We were so happy to know that the video had been well received in spite of some insulting comments we have to bear.

Every PUP camp brings us surprises. October 4 camp was not going to be the exception. At around 7:20 pm that night, we suddenly sighted "THE SAME POWERFUL AND ENORMOUS ORANGE-YELLOW FLASH OF LIGHT FLICKERING BEHIND THE CLOUDS". Raul Yacila, the young camera-man, was so shocked to the sighting he could not videotaped it.

Finally, our latest camp -November 1, 2008- seemed destined to be "THE CAMP OF THE RETURN OF THE MOTHERSHIP".

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