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Who Really Prevents Disclosure?
by Glenn Gould

Posted: 17:25 November 7, 2008


In determining the motivations for the continuing secrecy about their extraterrestrial associations, it is easy for us to assign human governmental and corporate participants that of greed and power lust. But how should we interpret the silence of our visitors themselves? What particular insight do we have into extraterrestrial behavior that might give us some idea of their ulterior motives for associating with our planet in such a continuous, clandestine and covert manner? While the obvious duplicity and deceitfulness of our own governments and corporations does not surprise us, the fact that our visitors choose to associate with us only through them may be an indication of either their perceptive abilities in general or their ulterior motives.

We Have Never Been Alone

Researchers and students of alien intervention in human history have developed evidence that the visitors are not strangers to this planet. It may be that these alien visitors are our ancestors or progenitors[1]. The Vatican’s chief astronomer, Father Jose Gabriel Funes[2], has suggested that the visitors are simply our brothers. Regardless of our familiar relationship, we must assume that the visitors know more about human behavior than their seemingly innocent and naive choice of diplomatic liaison may suggest.

Are we to assume that an advanced civilization has stumbled upon earth, and has, as part of its normal scientific protocols, revealed itself to the ruling classes of this variegated planet, and has passed revolutionary scientific and technological materiel to the reigning super-powers? Has the same advanced species that guided our evolution from Neolithic times decided to ally itself with the military industrial complex in an act of good faith and honesty? Was it simply bested by our political shenanigans? Are we to believe that now this alien benefactor is having difficulty extricating itself from these relationships and agreements, and only wishes to make itself known to the good people of earth? Is all that is standing in its way merely the entrenched and violent human leaders of this planet?

Perhaps we should rather assume that this secrecy is, by implication, attributable to the visitors themselves, and that their true motives and designs for this planet may be at least as unpalatable as those of their local tetrarchs to date in this truth embargo. For even an imbecilic marketing major could, with appropriate technology, inundate our planet, through its ubiquitous communication channels and resources, with the simple truth that they are here and are our friends[3]. Our visitor’s silence may rather be indicative of the true nature of their advances.

We are relatively certain that there are a number of species of non-ordinary sentient life form visiting, or showing up, on earth today. These people are technologically superior to ordinary humans. We perceive that they have been involved with the human condition as far back as we can see, and we find that some of these species have had a hand in our creation[4]. We can also perceive the hand of these people in the development of our social norms, governments, value systems, science and ethics. Acknowledging the persistent presence of these people clarifies a number of mysteries on our planet and in our history.

These people, or similar types, were involved with the ancients and were most likely responsible for the very early and advanced cultures of Sumer, Akkad, Assyria and possibly Egypt[5]. It was their presence on earth that gave us legends of Mu, Atlantis, Lemuria and Shangri-La – the utopian dreams. Societal divisions and religious development of seven millennia are traceable to these people and thus the entire path of human evolution and cultural divergence are in no small part the long work and practice of these people.

Seeing that we have cooperatively made such a mess of this beautiful place already, that their life’s work seems to have actually been to change and modify our species into the life forms which do precisely what we do here today, what can be said of the motivations of these people’s continuous presence on our planet and their history of relationship with the powers that be?

Reducing the level of confusion and contradiction as much as possible, let us look at a few things in a simplistic manner, taking a very straight forward look at the possible motivations which present themselves in consideration of our guests (or, hosts).

The EBEs which have been prominent in the last three generations are either associated with the more ancient types or they are not. They are either the same ones or descendants of the ones here long ago or they are a group or groups who are not associated with our past. In the latter case, these dozen or more alien species may have simply stumbled upon our wonderful planet, and set to work as they each saw fit upon their several agendas. However, in the former case, current events may be seen as a planned continuation of their purposes from time immemorial.

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