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Skeptics at IIG Caught Falsifying Evidence!
Unethical organization affiliated with skeptical debunker James Randi
by Michael Horn

Posted: 11:14 November 16, 2008

LOS ANGELES, CA – In the latest attempt to attack the Billy Meier UFO case, Derek Bartholomaus, lead case investigator for the professional skeptics organization IIG, deliberately created and published false information about Michael Horn, U.S. representative for the Meier case.

Specifically, Bartholomaus created an edited version of an email from Horn in order to create the impression that Horn had admitted to publishing false and misleading information. This falsification by Bartholomaus was then published on the IIG website, as well as in a press release. Bartholomaus added this comment so that no one would miss his dishonest attempt to defame Horn: “This is where Michael Horn revealed that he intentionally posted false and misleading articles on his website in order to deceive the public about the claims of Billy Meier.”

The press release company, PRLog, subsequently cancelled the release once they were made aware of the *false and libelous content from Bartholomaus and IIG.

Public Humiliation

Bartholomaus has faced increasing pressure and public humiliation since his appearance in The Silent Revolution of Truth, where he made noticeable erroneous and unsubstantiated claims, such as alleging Meier’s use of model UFOs and model trees – statements that he subsequently had to publicly retract (see:

Even more damaging to Bartholomaus’ reputation was his admission about how he had come to make incorrect statements about IBM scientist Marcel Vogel’s metal analysis. Horn actually points to the correct information in the Investigative Report, in his on-screen rebuttal to Bartholomaus, which Bartholomaus was able to view and approve, in writing, before the film was released.

After the film’s release, in an email response to Horn, Bartholomaus boasted of getting the incorrect information from a sentence in an article on Horn’s site, attempting to lay the blame on him for his own error.

Horn informed Bartholomaus that not only had he made a typo in that article but that he had posted a corrected version – and left both versions on his website so that critics would have the chance to see them.

Bartholomaus’ admission that he had done no actual research on Vogel’s analysis was all the more disturbing, since Horn had repeatedly urged him to read the actual documentation in the Investigative Reports and view Vogel’s videotaped analysis of the metal, none of which Bartholomaus ever did.

It also needs to be pointed out that Bartholomaus had several years to prepare for his presentation in the film and was also given the opportunity by the producers to script his dissenting presentation in advance, as opposed to being asked specific questions in an interview.

Having now thoroughly destroyed his and his organization’s credibility, Bartholomaus further compounded his professional and ethical problems by deliberately misrepresenting Horn’s comments.

Obviously, Bartholomaus, IIG and James Randi are completely bankrupt as far as any credible opposition to, or evidence against, the Meier case is concerned. But it should be beneath even these persons to stoop to such unprofessional and unethical tactics in the face of their complete defeat.

*NOTE: These are two links where the false statements about Horn can be found:

Here is Horn’s complete, unedited email, which, because it indicted Bartholomaus for his incompetence, was edited to make it appear to say something entirely different:

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