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Something is Wrong - That was a UFO
and NO One Noticed!

by Chris Holly

(Copyright © 2008 Chris Holly)

Posted: 12:31 November 21, 2008

I went to a great party in September. It was an end of the summer bash held at a beachfront home overlooking the Atlantic Ocean on east end of Long Island.

It was a beautiful night. The stars were bright and clear. The moon was nearly full while shinning across the rolling ocean. It was one of those perfect nights you recall forever.

The hosts of the party have a huge deck on the second story of their beach house. After dinner we all faced our chairs over looking the ocean to enjoy the lovely night while we talked, laughed and looked at the ocean and stars.

We were sitting there for a while when I glanced out over the ocean while talking to one of my pals. I was talking and laughing and looking when it occurred to me that a few stars seemed to move. I stopped talking while the others carried on with the conversation and followed the lights.

At first I thought they were planes heading towards me. I thought that would make them appear on an angle to give them a star light look. As I watched they stopped moving. I looked away as I figured they were stars and I was mistaken. I started to talk to the group again and looked back out over the ocean to find the lights were now only a short distance out over the ocean. This time I stood up and walked to the edge of the deck to get a good look. Again I figured it was some kind of aircraft. I yelled for my friends to look at the lights.

Three of my friends walked over and looked at the two lights. As we stood there one of the lights took off at an enormous speed and made a hard right turn. The speed never altered. I stood there and said more to myself than to my friends “ A plane cannot do that”. With that the remaining light went from a dead stop to incredible speed and shot straight up into the night sky and was gone. Poof, the thing just vanished. It was amazing.

My one friend pointed out to the left of where they had been and said “oh there they are” I looked and there were the two balls of light side by side far out over the ocean.

We watched them for a few seconds and like a light switch had been flipped – they were gone. The night was black and empty in the spot they hovered just a second before.

I stood there flabbergasted at what we just observed. I could not believe I was so lucky to have had a deck full of friends to share this incredible sighting with. I turned towards the three who had been watching this display with me and said “ My god, did you just see that?” They looked at me and sort of shrugged.

I looked at them and then turned to the rest of the party and yelled, “Did you guys just see that?” A few acknowledged they did, but not one of them thought much of it. I could not decide what was stranger, the lights we just watched or the reaction of my friends to them!

I could not let it go. I walked over to the table they were all sitting around and questioned them. “Wait a minute guys, did you just see what went on out there with those lights?’ They looked at me as if I was crazy. “It was just some lights Chris, probably a couple of planes.” I turned towards the three who witnessed the strange maneuvers of the lights with me and asked.” Have any of you ever seen a plane do what those lights just did?” To my complete amazement they just sort of looked at me blankly.

I looked around at the table and realized that the people were just numb. They had just experienced a once in a lifetime event and could not be less interested.

I was shocked into silence and fell into my chair. If I had known they were going to act so strangely I would have run for my phone to snap the lights with its camera. I could not believe what had just happened.

I walked inside to look for my purse and phone incase the lights returned. One of the partygoers followed me into the house. He followed me into the living room where I was rifling through my purse for my cell phone. He is one of those friends who always stands or sits to the side of the crowd and watches the party more then joins it. He walked over to me rubbing his hands together and said, “ I saw them Chris. You are right- they were really strange.” He walked me further away from the open doors to the deck so no one else could hear us. “These people can be strange. I knew at once what we were all seeing. I also watched them glance over at the lights and return immediately to the chips and dip. People are a bit brain dead Chris. Just let it go or they will be talking about you until next summer.” I looked at him in confusion. I couldn’t understand the reaction. “Why do you think they just fluffed that incredible sighting off?” He looked at me and said, “Because it upsets their little world and they have been brainwashed to laugh it off or ignore it. Tonight they ignored it”

That night really weighed heavy on my mind . I have seen other strange lights, odd crafts, and had many paranormal events during my life. Seeing another was astounding. Every time I see or experience something unexplained I am stunned and (to say the least) pay attention. To see a deck full of people find this to be more of an annoyance then curiosity was as mystifying as the lights themselves.

I think about this often. What happened to us that would make us so complacent? What is really going on for people to become so disinterested in something so incredible? Is there truth in the warnings that we have been brainwashed and controlled to accept without question things we should be questioning? Is there something going on with our society we are not paying attention to? Have we become numb because we have closed our sight and minds to a limited internal circle- closing out what goes on around us?

I now wonder what else goes on right in front of our faces that people simply choose not to notice? I wonder if we have allowed ourselves to be completely brainwashed into looking the other way and purposely ignoring events we should be questioning?

Maybe disclosure isn’t a mainstream issue because we have been trained to look the other way. Maybe we have been programmed to laugh or deny by way of the fear of ridicule and humiliation. Maybe the reason we do not know is because we so willing agree- to not know!

I do not know what to think about that night. I do not know what to think about people who are so disinterested in the world around them that they would rather concentrate on the cheese platter and miss the huge UFO’s dancing around the night sky – right under their noses.

This is one of those moments you throw your hands in the air – shake your head and say, “I give up!”

I will continue to want to know all that we do not understand even if those around me do wear bags over their heads. And I will always keep looking up!

Copyright © 2008 Chris Holly, Endless Journey and the Knight Zone @

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