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Chris Holly spent a great deal of her life building different entrepreneur ventures, however her one true passion has always been writing. Long ago she found it far easier to explain the paranormal by way of a true story told in an interesting form. She lived a life filled with extreme experiences and unique events involving that which we do not understand. She felt it her destiny to tell these true events to the world by way of her short stories. Along with the Endless Journey and The Knight Zone site, Chris is working on a book. "I am doing a collection of short stories about my lifetime of paranormal experiences, which should be complete by the winter of 2009." You can reach her at or visit her website: Endless Journey and The Knight Zone

We Are Our Own Time Keepers
by Chris Holly

(Copyright © 2008 Chris Holly)

Posted: 14:45 November 15, 2008

Kings Park Hospital

The subject of time keeps coming up in my conversations with people. I constantly hear that time isnít like it use to be. I know time seems to move quicker as we age. All of us recall those long lazy days of childhood when a day lasted a week and a summer seemed like a lifetime.

Now summer starts, we get in a swim or two, and before we know it we are covering our grills and raking up leaves. Christmas, it is here again, but wait Ė didnít we just pack away last years Holiday Season?

There is no question time seems to be racing faster and faster. Our days seem shorter filled with more to do and less time to rest or relax. Our weeks spin into months and then years without our being able to sort out the passing days. It is as if the world is spinning faster and we are simply trying to hold on for dear life!

I just returned from the food market. Hating to shop I sent my beloved into the store refusing to help or take part. I will drive the car, put the food away, cook the food, clean it up, but I will not shop. I will Internet order- but I simply hate stores and shopping.

I was able to park directly facing the store, which allows me to people watch as I wait. I was watching the people come and go when I realized more than half of them were on cell phones talking as they walked in the parking lot right into the store, talking every step of the way.

uncle Sam Wants You
One young woman really caught my attention. It was just turning into night and I first noticed her getting out of her car because her blue tooth was shinning its blue light making her look eerie in the dark. She was talking loudly in a deep conversation while lifting her baby from the child seat and positioning the child into the shopping cart. She never looked at the baby. She stuck a pacifier into the little kids mouth and took off towards the store. I watched as this little kid looked at its mother for some type of interaction while sucking away on her pacifier (which I might add) the child was much too old for. The mother ignored this little kid while in deep conversation on her blue tooth. The little kids sad face will remain with me for some time to come. This mother was sacrificing her time with her baby to her blue tooth while the child went neglected. That is time lost that can never be replaced. I wanted to grab that blue tooth and crush it into the parking lots surface.

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