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The following material is excerpted from Mr. Edward's forthcoming book:
Extra-Terrestrial And Alien Spirituality And Religion
by Doc Edwards

Posted: 12:45 November 16, 2009

Excerpts from Doc Edwards' new book on "Alien And Extra-Terrestrial Religion And Spirituality" will be run exclusively in UFO Digest. Be sure to check back from week to week to insure that you have read the latest installment. You can email Doc Edwards at

Author's Disclaimer For The Information Contained Herein:

During the course of the last six months, I have been privy to some unusual and powerful information, dealing with the supernatural and spiritual nature, beliefs, and what we here in this world would call, the spiritual practices of those beings that are popularly called, aliens or extra-terrestrial life. This information comes to me from sources so high, connected, credible, authorized, and authentic that should I even be so bold , or perhaps so stupid, as to tell you of my sources on this matter, at least to any identifiable degree, you would either immediately doubt my sanity or dismiss outright all that follows as simply so much gibberish, perhaps out of nothing more, or less, than your sheer disbelief of its factual or actual possibility. With that understanding out of the way, I can only say that the material presented and elaborated on in what follows was given to me without any hint or mention, at least to my understanding, of any type of restraint or editorial review for final editing or abridgement before I wrote what now appears before you in print.

Why this should be so is something about which I can only speculate. Perhaps in ways and with means at their disposal of such extraordinary capabilities, as soon you will also come to see and understand for yourself, abilities verging on what some might go so far as to describe as almost "supernatural "in their effect and demonstration, then quite literally anything is possible: Perhaps "they" knew what I knew, as well as what I would do, and how exactly, well or otherwise, that I would do it, long before I knew it or did it myself. Now, that being said, I should think that last sentence that I just wrote --- and you just read --- should demonstrate quite sufficiently just how convoluted and screwy some of the things, events, teachings, and phenomena, that I will deal with in-depth throughout this book, would sound, were I not also at the same time to couple them with full, in-depth explanations, at least such explanations as would be capable of being comprehended and understood in human terms and comparisons..

As to whether or not you, the reader, choose to accept or reject what is written herein, and even beyond that, to believe it or disbelieve it, whichever the case should be, is all a matter of personal choice; all I can do, irrespective of my own beliefs, is merely offer it as one would any other interesting comment, observation, or piece of information, that is, in the spirit of merely a commentator, casually in passing,... and nothing more. Nor can I offer any other corroboration or substantiation of its mysterious, arcane instructions, methods, techniques, or for that matter, any of the particular details that it contains, other than saying, the reasonableness and logic of it all will speak for itself without need of anyone else's help---- mine included; however, the ultimate and final proof and validation of its actual demonstration and efficacy will be for you to discover as it impacts directly and/or applies meaningfully, and possibly dramatically, to the events and circumstances, which soon will occur in your own life. I can only suggest --- as soon enough you will quickly come to see and understand fully for yourself --- that you be prepared for anything. Remember, for the most part, what follows in the material before you is information, discourse, and knowledge, that very clearly is not at all of this earth, but of a world and civilization which is, at perhaps the very least, a million to two million years ahead of us. And for this I can make, nor should any expect me to make, any apologies for what follows; it is all simply part of the nature and manifestation of the unusual material --- albeit at one and the same time, extremely spiritual material in the highest sense and understanding of the term by anyone's standard ---that I have had put before me, and have subsequentlly decided to write about in the pages of this book. Beyond that, I should further wish to add that some of the information and material that follows, can metaphysically challenge even the best in that field; but rest assured, for those of you who are truly Seekers of the Light, as they say, the destination will be well worth the occasional dust and discomfort of the journey.

To say that some of the things related herein are not unusual and unconventional in the extreme would be not only an understatement, but also quite likely an out and out deception. If you consider yourself a strict fundamentalist as that term is sometimes applied to, not only Christianity, but also Islam as well, I would only suggest that you take the book back up to the counter now, and get your refund, because you are about to read some "very un-fundamental stuff." You will not only be just offended, but quite likely, totally incensed as well. I have enough trouble without some misdirected and misinformed, irate reader looking for me through a rifle sight.

But on the other hand, if you are the type who is seeking for spiritual information that goes far beyond the comfortable parameters of the Sunday school class, then certainly the incredible spiritual knowledge in this book will not only challenge you, but also, perhaps to one degree or another, enlighten you as well. It did me, and for that experience alone, it is worth everything that I went through in the difficult job of translating ultra-spiritual ideas and ultra-spiritual concepts, that are quite clearly not-of-this-world, into terms, phrases, renderings, and analogies that could be understood and comprehended by all those willing to accept the challenge this book presents. I feel quite confident that if you, who are now reading these words, are somehow among those obscure few, fascinated and captivated by metaphysical conundrums and the absolute extreme in spiritual possibilities, then you have arrived at, what might easily be called," your Mecca"; neither is this a book for the intellectually or the emotionally weak reader; this is hard spirituality for only the spiritually hardy. If your understanding, as well as your patience and wits, can endure to the last challenging chapter, then I would venture that you and I both safely can assume that it is Fate, and no other, who deems you now worthy, and appropriately ready, to view and receive the great and wonderful gift that waits for you when you begin to apply what you have learned, as well as what you have further divined as possible to do, with the methods and knowledge that has so serendipitously just fallen into your lap in the form of this book.

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