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David Patrick Fitzgerald Kuhlman
David Patrick Fitzgerald Kuhlman
David Patrick Fitzgerald Kuhlman is a native of Northwest Georgia and spends free time as a UFO researcher and freelance writer. He also reviews UFO related books upon request. Some titles include " The Thinking Persons' UFO Book " written by author Gordon Chism and " The UFO Experience Reconsidered; Science and Speculation " written by Robert L. Mason. He devotes much time on the subject of UFOs and the possibilities of alien beings or spiritual entities possibly already among us. His writings have been featured in the "Journal for Frontier Science", "UFO Digest", " The MUFON Journal", and in the book "The Art of a Close Encounter" by Kim Carlsberg. His interest in the UFO phenomenon was fueled by two incredible sightings witnessed as a child which have never been forgotten. He is an active member of The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and is founder of UFO Research of North America (UFORNA). He can be contacted via email at

Alien Instinct?
by David P Kuhlman

UFO Researcher/ Book Reviewer/ Writer

Posted: 19:34 November 9, 2009

There I was, bundled up from head to toe with layers of clothes and a heavy winter jacket to top it all off. It definitely wasn't that I didn't have a warm place to go, I just wanted to be here. Like most winter nights that I can remember throughout the south where I grew up, it was a cold starry night, the type of night that I looked forward too at the break of each and every new day. It was late December here and I had just received for Christmas one of the most spectacular gifts that I had ever received. No, it wasn't the ever-popular B.B. Gun or a new addition to my vast collection of sports cards, though either of these would have been fine by me. What I had in my possession however surpassed them all without a doubt, a brand new telescope! Yes, a telescope had made me one of the happiest children in the world this Christmas and I was very eager to put it to use.

You could have always found me staring up through my prized possession on any given night when the clouds had so graciously granted me a clear view of the heavens. I had always been it seemed, in a kind of trance as I looked up through its viewfinder. One of my most heavily watched celestial wonders was our own moon. It was a breath-taking site! To be able to see all of the scars made by other smaller objects that had collided with its surface in clear detail was merely indescribable. I had always felt a deep yearning towards the heavens above as a child, a feeling that continues with me to this very day. Maybe my curiosities regarding space and all of its hidden wonders had started as the result of my UFO sightings some years earlier, or maybe I had been born naturally with some sort of intuition of the heavens, that I do not know for sure, but I was intrigued by all aspects and unknowns that lie within its very existence. I knew one thing for sure about my passion as a child, and that is that I wanted to know as much as I could.

Space is breathtakingly awesome. There are few words that really describe its incredible structure. I remember in Elementary School I was fascinated by talk of our solar system and the study of the very galaxy we live in, the Milky Way. Nothing in school, nothing, whether it was in elementary or in later years, High School fascinated me more than science and especially the study of Astronomy. I excelled in these subjects simply because I craved as much information as I could get, and all that my mind could hold. I am still mesmerized by it today and I always seek new information and news that may be just on the horizon. I remember spending countless hours out doors looking through my prized telescope at anything that looked of interest hanging in the black void of space above. I also remember just sky watching with my eyes, quickly scanning the darkness for something that I would know to be of an unearthly or unfamiliar origin. I have to honestly say however, that I never saw anything through all of those many hours that I could not explain, especially nothing that could have been contributed to a UFO. I new very well what an actual UFO looked like in the skies above, and nothing ever even came close to that experience again.

During my childhood I liked to research and experiment with things that are not clear to all of us on a daily basis, I guess my curiosities in the things I had witnessed so early in life that I or any other person didn't have an explanation for had all to do with this behavior.

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