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A UFO Digest E- Book Review

Why did NASA hide the Blue Skies of Mars for over 30 Years?

Kevin W. Smith has some answers in his new E-book:
"Mars Maximum Mystery"

Posted: 16:05 November 9, 2009

I felt very honored to be asked to compose the introduction to this fine book, an exercise in interplanetary detective work, and to introduce Kevin Smith, the author, to the reader.

I have known Kevin Smith for several years now, having appeared regularly on his radio program to discuss sundry topics related to UFOs, government deception and extraterrestrial affairs. I have found Kevin to be one of the most logical, analytical and insightful radio interviewers that I have ever known. Kevin is possessed of a clear mind, well educated in science, with a background in military affairs, criminal investigation and police work. Kevin exercises a methodical logic in his analyses and thoroughness in his investigations to get the crux of the matter and the heart of the truth. When it comes to "crime solving", Kevin Smith, is "the real deal," and (as demonstrated in this book) has become "an interplanetary detective."

As a fellow journeyman on the road to Mars, Kevin and I have spent hours discussing the true nature of the Red Planet and the manifold tricks and antics of NASA/JPL and their scientists to play down the very possibility of life on Mars today, going so far as to deny the possibility that it could ever have existed on Mars when the sum total of all the evidence that NASA has presented for 5 decades points unequivocally to an opposite conclusion. It is now a proven fact that there were vast oceans and seas on Mars, which may have harbored life…and, in this book, the evidence is presented and the question asked:

"If so then, why not now?

So, an obvious question remains: Why is lying to the world public in the face of its own evidence and proof?

In this book, author Kevin Smith takes up the real evidence and methodically demonstrate how and, perhaps, why NASA continues to dissemble the facts and deny the right conclusion. In not some many words, Kevin Smith asks "What is NASA afraid of and why does it continue to deceive itself in believing that it can fool the public forever?"

After reading this book, I am sure that the reader will agree with Kevin W. Smith that…

"NASA should come clean before it is too late."

Robert D. Morningstar
New York City
November 4, 2009

Click the link below to Order your copy today:

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