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Chinese Video Proof of UFO Landing and Extraterrestrials?
by Michael Cohen

Posted: 11:38 November 27, 2009

Does the video above constitute irrefutable proof that Planet Earth is being visited by intelligent beings from elsewhere: Possibly other planets if not other universes or dimensions? This UFO footage comes from the Chinese city of Luoyang and dates back to mid-2007.

The UFO images were taken by fixed security cameras monitoring a local electronics manufacturing plant. The time of the event was 3am, during the early hours of the morning. The footage was being monitored by security personnel who immediately noticed the anomalous objects in the courtyard of the factory.

The film shows a large ‘light-ship’ and possible ‘light beings’ exiting the ship.

While sceptics have claimed that this is just a flashlight there is one more piece of evidence they will have to content with: A young woman who works at the factory and was doing a shift at the time noticed a blinding flash of light through a nearby window. She then allegedly saw both a UFO in the form of a 'light ship' descend from the sky and strange 'light beings' exit the craft before returning. Shortly after, she watched the ship zoom off upwards into the morning sky. She claims she was ‘very scared’ and notified authorities of the event prior to this story receiving any publicity.

We touched base with well-known Australian ufologist, Bill Chalker, who has studied Chinese UFO events in detail, to get some answers. Mr Chalker suggested that this might show a spider at close range to the security camera lens however noted that 'this cannot be said with certainty and the presence of a corroborating witness makes this footage of real interest'.

Does this video show a UFO and aliens or perhaps ultra-dimensional beings or possibly even angels?  Is it just a flashlight or a spider? You decide.

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