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Michael Horn's background is quite eclectic; he is an award-winning painter, trend-setting designer and creator of the still popular fashion fad "Fingernail Art", which he debuted in Harper's Bazaar in July of 1967. His paintings are in collections in Los Angeles, Chicago, London, India and Greece. He designed and painted the sets for the play "Hardware" at the Stella Adler Theater in Hollywood. Michael is also a published songwriter, singer, music and video producer, humorist, science researcher, writer and lecturer. In addition, Michael is the authorized American media representative for the Billy Meier Contacts. For more information, please visit Michael Horn can be reached by email at

Why We Disavow New Report Supporting the WCUFO!
by Michael Horn

Posted: 14:18 November 10, 2009

I recently agreed to have an analysis done by Ron Nussbeck and Ron Stewart of one of Billy Meier's Wedding Cake UFO (WCUFO) photos. They said that they would be using their APEP technology which, they claim, is superior to any other technology in the world for revealing details and artifacts in photographs that are otherwise not perceivable by any other known means.

From my earliest correspondence with Ron Nussbeck, on October 10, 2009, I clearly stated my doubts as to his claims that "aliens" were visible in any of the UFO photos that he and his partner had already done, and that I was of the same opinion regarding so-called "pictographs", "artwork", etc. that they claimed were so ubiquitous on the "hulls" of every UFO they analyzed, which Ron said were means by which the "aliens" identify each other (i.e. the different extraterrestrial races).

Ron assured me that their analyses and claims were absolutely accurate and would withstand any scientific and/or expert scrutiny. I was also told that the "aliens" themselves didn't have technology as advanced as APEP...a claim that begs a lot of questions, such as, "How do you know that?" "How do you know that aliens even exist?" and, "Why then would they put pictographs/images on the 'hulls' of their spacecraft that they wouldn't be able to detect anyway?", none of which were ever answered.

Now I, and many of those who are closely associated with the Meier case, have, on the basis of arguments advanced to date, little doubt as to the authenticity of the WCUFO evidence (63 day and nighttime photos and one video) and, so far, we are also satisfied with existing work refuting claims that the WCUFO evidence incorporated any models:

(Of course, if compelling evidence to the contrary should present itself, we would amend our views accordingly, as all bona fide investigators should.)

So it was largely out of curiosity, pertaining to Ron's claim that they had detected an "electrical filed" around the WCUFO in one of the photos, and their claims that their results would withstand any challenges by debunkers, that I agreed to have the analysis and report done.

Despite the fact that Ron and his partner are giving glowing endorsements of authenticity to the Meier UFO photos (, I am now going on record publicly disavowing any support for their report, conclusions or alleged findings. (This includes publicly unpublished claims of theirs that they also found various "aliens", such as in the van, on the WCUFO and on the hillsides in the photo we submitted.)

While this may seem to be a strange position, to reject support for the authenticity of the Meier case and its evidence, the simple fact is that we already know the Meier case is authentic and we don't want to be associated, in any way, with supposed support from what we consider, at this point, to be very questionable sources.

And, in addition to my own, on the record skepticism, serious questions have already been raised by at least two well respected photography and imaging professionals, Chris Lock ( and Dan Drasin ( Other people have also recently challenged Ron and his partner to produce documented, credible substantiation for their claims, only to be met with evasive, childish and insulting comments (

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