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Sandra 'Leah' Cummings: Faith Healer
by Ron Murdock

Posted: 13:20 November 16, 2009

Sandra 'Leah' Cummings says that during healings, the loving heart of Our Lady intertwines with her heart and the heart of the person being healed! Notice how bright the light in the windows became during the healing. Source:

To those using rational thought alone miracles could be something not easily accepted. But to God it is quite possible without breaking the law of physics. How many of us on Planet Earth understand physics completely and what its limits are, if any. Miracles may be called supernatural and could be experiences that are possible only through God's doing. These encounters are so profound that peoples lifes have been changed dramatically for the better. One could watch a sunrise, sunset or cloud formations and realize either one is never the same two days in a row, an everyday miracle so to speak. Another example is pregnancy. The formation of the child in the mothers womb is more of a miracle than the birth itself.

Old Testament prophets used miracles from time to time. Jesus performed 37 miracles recorded in the New Testament. It sounds as if there could have been more as written in John 21:25. Other spiritual leaders have used God's power to produce miracles as part of their ministry. Miracles aren't meant to dazzle or impress but to give people hope and make positive changes in their lives.

Some groups, like the Jehovah Witnesses, claim that the age of miracles are behind us, left in the time of yesteryear. Baha'i writings state that miracles are possible but they do not constitue a regular channel of God's revealing power to mankind. But to those who have experienced a miracle never think of saying anything to the contrary or ever doubt again the power of miracles.

To have a degree in skepticism is essential. One must sift out the half truths and lies to get to the truth. But one must avoid getting comfortable in their skepticism so they won't get out and have their doubts tested in the open waters of life.

An example is the evangelists on TV and those who travel from town to town. These revivals remind me of the carnys and pro wrestling in the art of entertainment and hype. But whether it is anything of substance is open to debate. Maybe what is needed most among evangelists is a higher code of ethics. But if it does give hope to the hopeless and forgotten of the world plus gives them a start in their spiritual quest all the better.

Once one recieves a miracle their spiritual life is rejuvenated. Often it is a difficult and painful enough road to travel on. But if one perseveres they gain unbelievable strength, faith and a new outlook that removes persecution and adversity.

Sandra "Leah" Cummings is one of the healers. Her story began with her birth on July 18, 1935 unaware of her calling to serve "Jesus and His Mother". Part of it would be to bring healing to the poor, sick, needy children and those in need of healing throughout the world. During her birth, church bells were ringing in her home town of Ticonderoga NY at 12 noon, a fact noted by the doctor making the delivery.

Since then strange and unusual things seemed natural to Cummings. As a shy youngster Cummings went to Mass every morning before going to school, though she was so small she could hardly open the church door. As she grew older Cummings liked to watch the grass grow, part the clouds and feel the vibrations of the earth around her home town. Living at the bottom of Mt. Defience, she loved to climb the mountain and marvel over the beautiful geography of the surrounding area. This is where, at the age of 8, Cummings claimed to have her first vision of the "Blessed Mother". Unfortunately she said she couldn't remember any details of the encounter.

During her teen age years Cummings felt very close to Heaven but knew nothing of what was to turn her feelings, life and actions into one directions. Married at 17 with her first child born 11 months later the Cummings family developed a strong bond. 8 years later and in a new home Cummings wanted to have a second child. But due to illness she was told by her doctor that she would no longer be able to bear another child. Afterwards, on one of her daily trips to church, Cummings made a special five minute visit to ask "Our Lady" to allow her to have another child.

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