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Flash Forward Offers Glimpes Into The Future and Perhaps a UFO
by Dirk Vander Ploeg 

Posted: 11:45 November 1, 2009

Note the object to the top right of the Washington Monument.

Witness: Terry (last name withheld br request)

Date: Sometime in 2008

Time: Unknown

Location: Washington DC (again this is from the series flash forward)

Received a submission from Terry (last name withheld at his request) a few days ago (October 29, 2009). He had managed to capture a still from the television series Fast Forward. He was kind enough to send the photograph to us, along with his comments.

Terry wrote:

"I was watching episode 5 of the new series of Flash forward and noticed something hovering, it seems to be stationary in the background of the image.

It doesnt seem to be an airplane of any kind so I took a screen image (capture) from the film.

Enlarged, enhanced and equalized using Adobe Photoshop 7.0.

It seems to be some kind of UFO by the look of it (possibly). Please take a look at the program. as the name of the image implies, it was 7 mins 45 seconds into the program. You can see this white (thing) hovering. I've no idea what it is, perhaps it's worth looking into?

I am not the owner of any of these images I just took it upon myself to take a snap (them)from the film shown online."

I analysed the photo and enlarged the object, auto adjusted the constrast and used the equalize tool from Abode Photoshop 7.0. You can see the results above. Due to the distance the object was from the television camera it is difficult to determine exactly what the object is or isn't. From my initial investigation I would think it is an unknown object, very possibly a UFO due to its shape and ability to hover.

We at UFODIGEST appreciate submissions, including photos, videos and articles from our readers.

Thanks Terry for your email.


- 30 -

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