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Home Intrusion/Abduction in Oregon, Ohio?
by Tim X

Posted: 20:40 November 8, 2009

I am writing you today in hopes of quelling a thirst for the truth in regards to what has happened to me on the night of my 30th Birthday.

In no way do I think I'm special or insane for that matter. There are a few things that I feel I should mention, so please bare with me as I lay out some pre "Happening" that may or may not have to do with this event.

It is embarrassing to me that I bother or bring this to anyone outside my circle. Please realize I understand science may have a million explanations for what I have been through, but in the end I know what really happened to me and no man's science will deviate me from this.

A little Back history about my life.


I am for a lack of better words an average Hispanic/white male, born in Oregon, Ohio in 1977. Somewhere between the ages of 11 and 13 I discovered one day a discolored skin pattern wrapping around my left rib cage to my back. I got concerned about it, because it just was never there. This just showed up one day and I've had it ever since.

When I turned about 16 I finally got the nerve to ask and show my parents about the markings. They were shocked! They stated they never had seen the markings on me before and had no explanation on how it may have got on me; I was not born with it. We then proceeded to go through old family photos where my family went to beaches and lakes and pools on vacations. None of the photos show me having these skin markings.

I have since got a professional dermatologist to look and biopsy the skin. She stated "It is nothing I can explain or have seen nor heard about before" "Your tests came back negative for cancerous cells on the discolored skin". After that they told me if it doesn't hurt or change, don't worry about it. And that was that. I know for a fact I was never injured or burned on my body in this area.


I have had, which I'm sure we all have at some point, a reoccurring dream all throughout my childhood into my adult life. When I have it, it's familiar, but then lose memory about it very fast once awake. It has only ever come in pieces and never can I see the whole story from beginning to end. When the night of my birthday happened, and the event took place, I for the first time ever could remember this dream in whole, beginning to end.

July 24th 2007

After a full day of events and the wind down of evening family time which is a normal routine for me. I ended up staying awake till around 3am Est. the morning of my Birthday. In the hopes of not waking my wife and children who were fast asleep in our second floor bedrooms, I decided to sleep on our living room couch for the night.

I went through my normal routine checking and locking windows and doors as I do every night, making sure the deadbolts were secure. I then laid my head upon the arm of the couch covered by a pillow nearest to the front door lying on my side so to pass the time I watched the small clock under the TV as I still lay in said position.

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