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On The Edge Of Reality
Dream Weavers: The Mastering Of Time and Space

by Brent Raynes

Review by Sean Casteel

Posted: 00:30 November 19, 2009

In this recent offering from Global Communications, called "On The Edge Of Reality, Dream Weavers: The Mastering Of Time And Space," author Brent Raynes has done a marvelous job of assembling a wealth of paranormal researchers and experiencers who have fascinating stories to tell about being touched by the unknown. Whether that entails the sighting of ships, conversations with alien beings, miraculous shamanistic healings or good old-fashioned, garden variety spiritual enlightenment, Raynes presents a large cast of saints and sinners in interviews that cumulatively add up to a broad overview of the mingling of science with the nonphysical, the nuts-and-bolts world and the many netherworlds that lie somewhere beyond everyday reality.

The opening chapter takes up the subject of Native-American mythology and its intertwining with the modern UFO phenomenon. Raynes visits the home of Priscilla Wolf, an Apache medicine woman living in the mountains of New Mexico twenty miles east of Albuquerque. Wolf shows Raynes some of several thousand petroglyphs in the area believed to have been etched by indigenous peoples many hundreds of years ago. While these etchings showing various alien-type entities were typically regarded by anthropologists to be based on the hallucinations of long ago shamans, there is nevertheless a measurable difference, an astonishing increase in the level of electromagnetic energy in the area as measured by a fluxgate magnetometer and other similar instruments. Some kind of energy touched those petroglyphs that goes way beyond a few shamans flying high on peyote.

At one point in the story, Priscilla cures her headache by inserting her head into an opening in a large volcanic rock believed to have healing powers. She also talks about an incident in her childhood during which she and her brother sighted black discs flying around a volcano in the region which later entered the volcano simply by flying into its side, as though there were an invisible doorway there.

One is as always struck by the ease and familiarity with which Native-Americans often view these kinds of encounters, as though they were seeing the comings and goings of mysterious, eccentric neighbors in the area as opposed to fearsome creatures from outer space.

In another chapter, native healer and UFO contactee Bobby Lake-Thom recounts an experience he had with a recurring dream about four silver-colored eagles that flew in a circular pattern. He had the dream three times. The fourth time he has the dream, the eagles transform themselves into four silver-colored discs which then merge into one huge silver flying saucer. When Lake-Thom seeks help from a friend who is a Seneca medicine man, he is told that the dreams imply a future destiny with his "ancestors" and that he should expect to be contacted on a regular basis by them and given much knowledge and information to aid in his spiritual journey. It is always encouraging to hear stories in which the aliens seem to be teachers with an impassioned concern for mankind and that is frequently the kind of impression one is given by Native-American experiencers.

Along the way, Raynes has also interviewed "Mr. UFO," Timothy Green Beckley, who is bursting at the seams with stories to tell about a lifetime spent in pursuit of UFOs and other paranormal phenomena. Beckley recounts jogging in a New York park with Mohammed Ali as the legendary boxer related his history of personal UFO encounters. It seems the rich and famous are not ignored by the alien presence. The late John Lennon had a close-up sighting when a UFO hovered level with the balcony of his apartment in the famous Dakota building where he would be shot to death a few years later as he disembarked from a car. Beckley was a friend of May Pang, Lennon's live-in girlfriend at the time, which led to a couple of phone conversations with Lennon shortly after the daylight sighting incident. Lennon was afire with curiosity about UFOs and even gave a cursory mention to them on the last album he recorded before his death, "Double Fantasy." Many of the readers of "The UFO Digest" will probably recall Lennon singing, "There's UFOs over New York, and I ain't too surprised."

Some of the chapters of "On The Edge Of Reality" are extended Q. and A. interviews, while others are written in a straight feature-writing style. In all cases, however, Raynes has permitted the interviewees to tell their stories in their own words, to relay their often bizarre, even frightening accounts without interruption or editorializing, a very well done oral history method that makes the sometimes nearly unbelievable stories ring all the more genuine and immediate.

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To find out more information or to purchase this book simply click on the title: On The Edge Of Reality: Dream Weavers - Masters Of Time And Space

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