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Stephane Wuttunee was first published at 17, Plains Cree and French Canadian author and storyteller Stephane Wuttunee's writing credits include 2 1/2 years as a columnist for a national Native newspaper (THE WINDSPEAKER) and a book of short stories entitled FIRST FLIGHT - Tales Of The Nomad. Besides penning articles for Environment Canada and regional periodicals and newspapers such as The Nation and Alberta Sweetgrass News, he has also spent the better part of fifteen years toiling to create DREAMING THE PYRAMID. His website can be seen at: An experienced public speaker, Stephane has presented in schools and at conferences throughout Canada and the high Arctic, as well as in parts of New Zealand and Australia. Email Stephane.

SEVEN BILLION PYRAMIDS: the Great Pyramid of Egypt’s Most Disturbing Teachings
by Stephane Wuttunee

Posted: 13:30 November 13 2009

The Cydonia Pyramids, Mars
The Cydonia Pyramids, Mars

The first two articles of this three part series on the Great Pyramid made my theories quite clear; that the structure was designed and built to represent us. Now we're going to dive deeper into what this implies. Hang tight, because what you are about to read isn't going to be easy to take in.

Though many are already well aware of such, Egypt is not the only country in the world that hosts pyramids. Egypt alone, for example, officially has over 119 pyramids cataloged. Both Central and South America of course, also have scores of pyramidlike temples on their soil. China has a few as well (if your perspective is via GoogleEarth, that is). According to Professor Masaaki Kimura of the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan also has several large pyramidlike structures sitting off its coast below the sea's surface. Bosnia can chime in here as well with a large pyramidlike mound just begging to be examined closer by archaeologists. And if the findings and reports given by Brian O'Leary from NASA and JPL's recently deceased Dr. Tom Van Flanders are true, then pyramids might also exist on the red planet. For good measure, let us also consider Richard Hoagland's theory that the moon itself has a pyramid or two. He certainly makes a good case.

My point here is that pyramids do not simply exist on Earth. In fact, they may be interplanetary. And if we can assume this idea to be true, then it might also be feasible to say that they could be interstellar - even intergalactic. And if pyramids are intergalactic (and therefore universal), then it is safe to assume that they may all have been built for the same reason. Many monuments, one purpose.

The first realization here then in regards to the Great Pyramid of Egypt is that, if in fact it was designed and built to represent us in our "perfect" state, then this essentially implies that we are divine beings. Gods.

Okay, so if we are gods, then what can gods do?

One obvious answer to this question is that gods create. More importantly, they co-create. They co-create along with...God.

Following the logic further, this therefore implies that we, along with God, must have co-created this realm we call Earth. We also probably had a hand in co-creating the solar system itself, the neighboring elements, and other systems elsewhere. In fact, it probably also implies that we helped create the entire Universe itself. This is reasonable to assume since, if we exist forever after we die, then it's likely because we existed forever before we were born. And if we existed from the start, we were probably aware of the process of creation itself - if we didn't participate in it altogether. If we are eternal Beings that existed from the start of it all, then how could we not have been aware that the Universe itself was being created? We must have played a part in it all. God is the architect, and we are the construction crew.



Logic and reason.

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