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Photos of UFO that plunges Sicilian town into darkness
by Michael Cohen
Original source: Elio Di Bella Agrigento

Posted: 11:00 November 3, 2009

Photos of UFO that plunges Sicilian town into darkness
Closeup of Sicilian Object. Photos taken by Mr Gaetano.

An extraterrestrial story making news currently in Italy involves a highly credible UFO event that occurred in the locale of Montserrat near the city of Agrigento in the historic ‘Valley of the Temples’ region of Sicily. The event occurred on the night of 26 September of this year.

Multiple witnesses saw a UFO move across the sky above their homes in the commune of Montserrat. Witnesses confirmed that as the UFO moved across the sky electricity failed and lights went off within a certain radius of the area directly below the craft! As the UFO moved away from an area the lighting immediately returned.

Photos of UFO that plunges Sicilian town into darkness
Original Photo of Sicilian Object. Photos taken by Mr Gaetano.

Retired police officer, Gaetano Castellano, who witnessed and managed to get photographs of the out-of-this-world event, noted that due to the surrounding darkness the UFO was very visible. ‘It was silvery grey’. Mr Castellano said that at some point the UFO veered to one side and zoomed off into the sky at a very fast speed.

It is known that the Italian Government investigates events involving UFOs. No doubt they will be on to this one.

Source: Agrigento Web

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