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Foreground, left to right: Sgt. Lonnie Zamora, Maj. H. Mitchell (UAF), Sgt. Castle (USAF MP) inspecting Socorro UFO landing zone for radiation. In the background, an FBI Special Agent, SA Burns (on left) and Coral Lorenzen of APRO (right) look on.

Socorro UFO 1964 Incident Update:
Ray Stanford
(Copyright 2009, Ray Stanford - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 19:25 November 24, 2009

The REAL Red UFO Emblem

Ever since I told the truth about what red emblem Lonnie Zamora actually saw on the side of the object on April 24, 1964, in my eulogy to him, certain 'Johnny-Come-Lately' pretenders have been declaring that I took advantage of Lonnie Zamora's death to create a lie about what was actually seen by him on the side of the object.

That's ridiculous. In fact, I had discussed that exact matter, in some depth, via Appendix of my 1976 book, "Socorro Saucer in A Pentagon Pantry," pages 206 - 211, which I sent to Zamora in 1976, and which he passed on to his daughter, telling her that I "was the only writer who got everything right."

Also read: LONNIE ZAMORA (1933 - 2009): Eulogy, to a Man of His Word, and The Finest Witness One Could Ever Interview...)

In the book, I had held off telling the full story because of concern for Lonnie Zamora who, in supplying a substitute emblem instead of the real one, was merely doing what he felt was his patriotic duty. All that was explained in the eulogy.

The Associated Press article out of Socorro on Thursday, April 30, 1964, as carried in the San Antonio Express on page 8-A that day (See copy below.), should reinforce the fact that those who have accused me of making up the story about "the inverted V with three lines across it" are themselves ignorant pretenders and deceivers.

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