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Stephane Wuttunee was first published at 17, Plains Cree and French Canadian author and storyteller Stephane Wuttunee's writing credits include 2 1/2 years as a columnist for a national Native newspaper (THE WINDSPEAKER) and a book of short stories entitled FIRST FLIGHT - Tales Of The Nomad. Besides penning articles for Environment Canada and regional periodicals and newspapers such as The Nation and Alberta Sweetgrass News, he has also spent the better part of fifteen years toiling to create DREAMING THE PYRAMID. His website can be seen at: An experienced public speaker, Stephane has presented in schools and at conferences throughout Canada and the high Arctic, as well as in parts of New Zealand and Australia. Email Stephane.

Sticks and Stones
by Stephane Wuttunee

Posted: 11:30 November 8 2009

This evening, I have done something I have not done for a long time.

I prayed.

I prayed for the ones struck down by this new and invisible killer that is making its way around the globe.

I prayed for the everyday and average person who, because of his or her beliefs and morals, feels torn apart inside in deciding upon a course of action. I watched them be betrayed by those they had elected to represent them they themselves having become victims, pawns or henchmen to secret agendas.

I prayed for the young and idealistic who are waking up in droves around the world and who might be making secret plans to gather and strengthen their numbers against those seeking to oppress them. To the Powers That Be, beware, for where the young gather in anger, streets always run crimson.

I prayed for the law enforcement personnel who will soon be called upon to help quell this worsening situation. They will need to decide for themselves who and what they should stand for and protect; the people, or the ones who pay them. It is always painful to discover the difference between a warrior and a soldier. A soldier obeys orders, while a warrior obeys his heart.

I prayed for the whistleblowers and conspirators who, whether by choice or coercion, decided long ago to go along with this suicidal destabilization agenda. I lamented their secrets and motivations, for even the smallest bone in the closet becomes multiplied when force or blackmail is applied.

I even prayed for the select few sitting at the apex of it all. They themselves carry the heaviest of burdens. Who is the hero; he who defeats the villain, or the villain himself who awakens at the last moment to realize the chaos and disorder he has caused? In the end, justice befalls everyone. Decades ago, the world feared annihilation by nuclear blasts and fallout. Now the threat comes from an enemy that is so small it hides within the body itself.

God and the Universe help us all.

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