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The Government and the Press Win Their Arguments
By Ignoring Courtroom Evidence
About Abductees and The Extraterrestrial Phenomena
by Lyle Michel

(Copyright 2006, Lyle Michel)

Posted: 13:00 December 6, 2006

The Government and the Press Win Their Arguments By Ignoring Courtroom Evidence About Abductees and The Extraterrestrial Phenomena
Scene from Steven Spielberg's Taken: a serious look at the alien abduction phenonomen.
The government and the press with single-mindedness use one basic premise to confuse people regarding the presence of beings from other planets coming to earth. They ignore courtroom evidence.

Evidence according to a legal dictionary is:

" all the means by which any alleged matter of fact, the truth of which is submitted to investigation at judicial trial, is established or disapproved. Evidence includes the testimony of witnesses, introduction of records, documents, exhibits or any other relevant matter offered for the purpose of inducing the trier of the facts (fact finder's) belief in the party's contention".

In other words eyewitness testimony and physical evidence related to the incident being studied is admissible as proof that the incident did occur in the manner described.

It is important to understand that the position taken by the government and the press has nothing to do with the reality of the extraterrestrial phenomena. In other words they know that beings from other planets are routinely visiting earth and that some species walk among us. Therefore, why do the press and the government work so hard to keep people confused about beings from other planets coming to earth?

The government keeps people confused because they feel that the people of the world could not or would not be able to deal with the truth. As happened with the 1938 radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds" many people would panic and chaos would result if people knew the truth.

In this case any risk is an unnecessary risk. Better to keep the people confused.

On the extraterrestrial issue the position of the press is in part to support the government. The press realizes that if they consistently presented only truths to the people of earth that the result would be massive demonstrations against the institutions, which we require for leadership. Note that I said, in part, they support the government. They also know that our system of government would not be able to survive without the people knowing the truth on all the most important issues. Therefore, their method of handling virtually all controversial issues is to tell the people the truth and then to present alternative opinions regardless of how untruthful or silly these alternative opinions happen to be. This source and method is used extensively by the press to support the government as well as educate the public regarding the truth on all issues of importance to the people of the earth.

There are few exceptions to this practice by the press.

To illustrate this point lets consider the issue of an extraterrestrial abductee.

A person abducted by the extraterrestrials may have near total recall of their experiences with them. Jim Sparks can attest to that. He can describe in great detail the appearance of the craft and the beings who abducted him. He can also reflect with authority his experiences with them. There is no doubt that Jim Sparks has detailed knowledge of his experiences with beings from other planets. In my opinion he has no motivation to be less than truthful. His first hand accounts are admissible in a court of law should our government require his testimony. All you have to do is look at his presentation from the point of view of being in a courtroom with the reader as a member of the jury evaluating his case. By examining the extraterrestrial phenomena in this manner you will begin the process of separating fact from fiction as presented by our government and the press.

I have been a student of the extraterrestrial phenomena since 1991. The first 7 years of information came completely from television and an occasional newspaper article. Many of the programs on the Discovery Channel, A & E Channel, The History Channel and Sci-Fi Channel contain significant truths about our alien visitors. These programs also frequently contain disinformation in order to give others a reason to disregard the fact that beings are coming to earth from other planets. They often present their information in this manner purposely to help those who cannot deal with the truth adjust to the fact that alien visitors are coming to earth. In other words those who are afraid of the truth are given an opportunity to stay in denial of this truth until they are ready to adjust to the facts in the case.

Here you have it in an abbreviated form. The corner stone of the government position is:

a.) To deny and exercise the premises of decoy, destruction and trash.
b.) Never admit to the truth!
c.) Whenever possible introduce additional information that will confuse anyone interested in the phenomena.
d.) Make things up.

For example, simply say the event didn't happen. The witness could not have been with the extraterrestrials he was at the movies. The witness was visiting relatives. The witness is delusional. It doesn't matter that none of these statements are true. People who are not experienced with how they are being manipulated will be so confused about the other possibilities to the courtroom evidence supplied by the witness that they will simply go on about their daily activities as if the story they were told was not true. Remember the key to success for the government is to ignore courtroom type evidence.

Clearly beings from other planets are coming to earth. Some are here to visit. In other words they are tourist. Some are here as scientist. They are here to study our civilization. Some are here to help us.

They work among us and help us invent things that they know we will find useful. They are helping us to absorb technology at a pace that is comfortable for our civilization. They are helping us to become a sustainable civilization. They want us to one day join their galactic federation.

Several years ago I had the privilege to spend a year taking a course titled, A Course In Miracles from a minister of the Unity Church. I learned a number of important lessons in this course, but one of the most important was that there are universal truths. The mere fact that we do not know or understand something does not change the facts in the case. Beings similar to us are coming to earth and are among us. Your decision to believe that this statement is not true will not change the fact that they are here and have been for a very long time.

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