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The Ghost That Lived In A Computer
by Carlosox

Posted: 00:05 December 19, 2006

Although it may not be right, I put it down to some component of the computer malfunctioning as the ghost entered and left the machine.
About eight years ago, I lived in a large bungalow in the plantation I was working in. It had several rooms, all with attached bathrooms, and had a large hall and dining area. The house was also equipped with all the latest electronic gadgets. I lived alone in this bungalow as my family had moved to Australia by then. I only made use of the master bedroom, the hall, the study and the dining area. I hardly ventured into the rest of the house. My house help cooked the meals, washed the clothes and kept the house spotlessly clean. As I was the manager of the plantation, which was a large one, I worked about twelve hours a day. I usually brought home work. The only pleasure I had then was watching the CNN news and ' Animal Planet '. Everything went on fine until the following happened.

One night I went to bed rather tired. I flopped down onto my bed, face down, and was about to doze off, when I felt a distinct presence by my side. It is difficult to explain this, but I got the definite feeling of someone standing by my bedside. I was slightly alarmed by this, as I had not had this feeling before, but I was wise in not turning around to see who or what it was. I closed my eyes tightly and tried to go to sleep. The feeling of this presence lasted for about another five minutes, after which everything seemed O.K. Before this incident, several of my friends who had experienced this sort of thing had advised me that should I ever experience something like this, the cardinal rule to follow was to not open the eyes to see what was causing the feeling. My boss, who is an expert on ghosts, once told me what happened to him when he was a kid.

His father had just purchased a large rambling house, and his whole family waited eagerly for the paper work to be completed so that they could occupy the house. The day finally arrived when they could move into the house. My boss, being the eldest child, rushed in and occupied the largest room after the master bedroom. There were many rooms in that house, and each of the children managed to get a room for himself/herself. That night, as my boss was sleeping, he heard the most frightening laughter he had ever heard in all his life. He opened his eyes and saw a black form at the foot of his bed. Its eyes were the most frightening thing he had ever seen. My boss pulled his blanket over his head and shivered with fright till the next morning. He mentioned the incident to his father in the morning. His father summoned a bomoh( shaman ) immediately and got rid of the ghost in a thrice.

The next night, the same thing happened to me. I again refused to open my eyes and see what was causing this feeling. This continued for about a week. I started feeling weak as I was not getting enough sleep. I am a very tolerant man by nature who believes in the motto, ' Live and let live.' I therefore thought that this poor ghost had nowhere else to go and wanted to stay in my home, since many of the rooms remained unoccupied. However, I felt that things had gone too far. Every night just before I felt the presence, I heard a slight ' thud' sound. I did not know what to make of this. Other things started to happen soon. Once while I was watching TV, the plastic covering over the fluorescent tube light in one of the corridors got loose and came crashing to the ground. On another night, I heard what sounded like a whole handful of coins being thrown onto the cement floor.

It was during this period that one of my brothers in law and his family visited me. It was not an official visit. They were passing through after attending a festival in a neighbouring town, and decided they would stop at my bungalow and freshen up before continuing on to Kuala Lumpur. As there were several bathrooms in the house, each of his family members occupied a bathroom in order to have a shower. My brother in law used the bathroom in the master bedroom. The family stayed for only half an hour and then left. The next day the elder brother of this brother in law called me on the phone and told me that he wanted to tell me something.

I was rather surprised, as this person hardly ever called me. What he told me gave me the creeps. He informed me that his younger brother who was highly psychic had detected a malevolent presence in the master bedroom of my home. His brother had told him that he felt that this presence was living in the computer in the master bedroom. He had seen a white wisp like thing emerge from the computer while he was there. He added that this thing wanted me out of the house, so that it could occupy the whole house for itself. He further advised me to get someone to get rid of the entity, as it definitely had evil intentions.

I wasted no time and recruited a well known temple priest to exorcise the house. When the priest was sure that the entity had been forced out, he sealed all the entrances of the home so that the thing could not return. That night I had a most wonderful and peaceful sleep.

I was curious as to why I had heard a slight thud sound every night before I felt the presence. Although it may not be right, I put it down to some component of the computer malfunctioning as the ghost entered and left the machine. I had heard of ghosts occupying buildings, trees, bridges etc., but this was the first time I realised that even a computer could be possessed.

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