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Detroit UFO Sighting
by Dirk Vander Ploeg

Posted: 12:00 December 21, 2006

Received a submission report from Sam on December 21, 2006. He lives in Detroit, Michigan and believes he experienced two UFO sightings on the last Wednesday and Thursday of November 2000. His life seems to have changed as a result of these sightings and he would readers with similar experiences to contact him by email at

Photo of Detroit Skyline - photographed from Windsor, Canada

Sam was working at the MGM Grand, which is located at 1300 John C Lodge in Detroit (Lodge Freeway at Abbott, one block south of Michigan Ave.), Michigan. This club had its own four story parking garage. He liked parking his car on the top floor to avoid people hitting it with their doors. It is also safer when starting his car ten minutes before going home. One night he was talking to one of his co-workers who came along with him to start his car and then they were going back inside.

The MGM Grand Detroit Casino is a gambling establishment and soon to be casino and hotel resort located in Detroit, Michigan.
Around 1:45 a.m. they walked to the end of the parking structure where his car was parked, from here you can see everything over the Detroit's east side and Windsor, Canada.

He pushed the unlock button on his key remote when he noticed his co-worker just froze while looking over his left shoulder. He turned his head east looked up. He noticed a bright light next to many stars, but this one just stood out and was probably only a mile and a half in the distance. "Only one light that I saw, he said. It might have had a little color to it. He's certain that a second or two passed before it just shot southwest gaining height before it disappeared.

Now both of them just looked at each other possibly wondering what had just happened. Sam asked did you see that? He received no reply, so he didn't ask anything else before they left that night.

Now here is where it gets strange. The following night at work Sam's co-worker never showed up for work or called in. This individual worked for this employer for about seven months and just quit!

He didn't notice anything until later that night. About the same time 1:45 a.m., Sam went to start his car and out of curiosity tilted his head and looked up and there it was, this time he quickly felt that someone was watching him and he got goose bumps within seconds. The light appeared for four to five seconds before it shot southwest with a little higher elevation and disappeared. Now the object shot a distance of five miles in only a split second (He used the local land marks to determine the distance from one building to another).

He tried to forget what had happened. The employee never returned to work so he had no collaboration as to the sighting. He started parking his car on the bottom floors to avoid looking at the night sky. Three and a half weeks later he quit working there - due to the continuing and increasing stress and the fear.

Many things have happened to Sam since then: he has experienced lost time and the feeling of being held down in bed. While staying over a friend's house and sleeping on the couch, at around 4 a.m., he remembers being held down and he couldn't move. That morning his friend who is about 40 years old got up with his wife and he waited till they were eating breakfast before telling his friend what had happened. Immediately Sam's friend said he already knew, because he saw three (aliens) of them walking through his back door. Sam asked him who or what he saw? His friend just looked and Sam shaking his head. Sam didn't ask again.

This is continuing to bother Sam and he hopes someone, perhaps a reader, may be going through the same thing or knows what he is going through and will provide him with answers giving him some closure.

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