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A UFO Digest Book Review

By Dr. Robert Farrell

Posted: 01:01 December 24, 2007


ALIEN LOG (PART I) is on one level a moving story about a pair of scientists hired to decode a mysterious artifact found at a UFO crash site in 1953 in Arizona. On another level, it is an enlightening story, which posits the connection between current scientific knowledge and alien technology.

In a secret base in Nevada, Colonel Mitchell aids the two scientists, Dr. Corey Newton, an astrophysicists, and Dr. Wendy Ahearn, a world renowned linguist, in their mission to decode the alien artifact. This artifact, apparently, is not only the alien ship's log but also a link to the mother ship's computer.

In this well researched book, Farrell does an excellent job of telling a story about how a super team races to decode an alien artifact before the aliens try to stop them. But more than telling a solid story, Farrell presents years of research on UFO theory into an easy-to-understand account of where human beings came from and where they may be headed. In ALIEN LOG, Farrell skillfully argues how and why the aliens came to Earth and how they have carefully guided human evolution.

The doubter often tells the UFO theorist to back up his argument. Finally, one author has done just that. Farrell takes the reader to the ancient Sumerian culture when humans suddenly displayed a quantum leap in mathematics and human development as if tutored by a higher form. The author also jets the reader to the present, when higher beings watch over humankind to make sure they don't kill one another off with their newfound discovery of nuclear power.

In easy-to-understand prose, Farrell presents a rather intriguing account on why aliens are here and how advanced their technology may be. While Farrell sometimes delays moving the plot to back up his point, it is refreshing to read an author making a point rather than just whipping together a 1950s-style Hollywood Sci-Fi thriller with lasers and monsters. These unique, yet plausible, ideas leave the reader pondering and even reevaluating their concept of the Earth, the Universe, and even the Bible.

In ALIEN LOG, Farrell has proven himself to be not only a well-researched scientist, but a fine craftsman and writer who remains true not only to his argument, but to his characters and his love of the subject as well.

Part II

ALIEN LOG AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER by Robert Farrell is the second in the ALIEN LOG series. It is an intriguing tale of two scientists working to decipher an alien artifact that is thought to be the log of a crashed UFO found in 1953 near Kingman, Arizona. Dr. Wendy Ahearn, a world renowned linguist, and Dr. Corey Newton, an astrophysicist, working under the direction of Colonel Pete Mitchell race against time to accomplish their task and hopefully head off an alien invasion. As is traditional with the alien log series, it posits the connection between current scientific knowledge and alien technology.

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For more information or to purchase click here: Alien Log

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