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The Assault on Free Thought with False Models
Of What's Elsewhere

by James C. Horak

(Copyright 2007, James Horak - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 00:05 December 24, 2007

In the age of the commercialization of values and the militarization of conviction, mankind has actually (and strangely) avoided attaching much of the personal element to the political. Lessons from history, even those most critical to the individual and to threats upon quality of life and well being, have themselves been removed from personal context.

Today the study of Hitler, for instance, comes to focus almost entirely on his persecution of Jews and the path he chose towards military conquest of the world. The crass oversimplification involved in doing this betrays a much larger context that so much better aids both the student of history and his audience, in grasping the real process any nation faces when undergoing trends inevitable to end in fascism.

We are in today a period of acquired systemic anti-intellectualism, one in which even relativists cannot approach the study of another's values without themselves being separated from any message they might deliver to be viewed as "judging."

Educational policy at almost all levels has ingrained a nonspecific belief (virtually at the level of autonomic awareness) that "judging" others is not allowable, even in the most critical circumstances...even in conditions treasonous to national policy and to the whole of the body politic. Only this state of affairs can allow what is going on in the United States today, the militarization of police, instrumentation of torture, erosion of the social contract (The U.S. Constitution) and the increasing employment of fear upon the populace to "justify" the extra-legal steps taken.

What is this disallowance to look carefully at those shaping your world, denying that you have a right to assess their motives based on their actions?

It is no more than to acquire a false model that cynicism implants to deny personal responsibility for a participating role in social determination.

It, this acquired false model, doesn't end there. While we entertain idioms like, "power corrupts" and "money is the root of all evil," we stop short of applying these reservations to those we've entrusted with both our power and money. Until we come to shrug off our place in society almost totally and to become even self-perceived as, "impotent."

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