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Atlantis Has Risen Again
Has It Been Beneath Our Oceans All These Years?
by Brad Steiger

(Copyright 2007, Brad Steiger - All Rights Reserved)

Although the cosmic tutors were temporarily thwarted in their attempts to build a better world here on Earth, they did not give up hope, and they emerge from time to time to conduct certain spot-checks to see if humans are advancing intellectually and becoming less barbaric. Such monitoring forays explain the sightings of UFOs which have been reported for thousands of years.

Dr. Wescott also suggests that when the UFOnauts withdrew from the Earth's surface, they took some humans along with them to train and to tutor according to their advanced extraterrestrial principles. Dr. Wescott conjectures that some of these specially tutored humans might have been returned to the surface at certain intervals to have become leaders. Some of these apprentices worked to change humankind for good, while others, corrupted by a combination of their secret knowledge and the malleability of the less-advanced surfaced humans, only brought additional chaos and confusion to the world. Dr. Wescott speculates that such individuals as Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Genghis Khan, and Attila the Hun might have been sent up to the surface by the UFOnauts with varying degrees of success.

In Dr. Wescott's view, such a theory helps to explain two of the most widespread and persistent legends found among nearly all peoples and all cultures: 1.) There was a time when gods walked the earth and tutored humankind. 2) There was a culture called Atlantis, whose thriving civilization met with catastrophe and sank beneath the sea.

Dr. Wescott also theorizes that there may not have been a catastrophic destruction of a continent, but, rather, an orderly withdrawal of the "gods," the cosmic teachers, as they transferred their bases from the land to the sea floor. If such a theory as the one he proposes may be true, Dr. Wescott suggests that the many reputable sea captains who have seen UFOs going in and out of the ocean might well be seeing aerial vehicles from undersea bases constructed by advanced beings.


Ever since I began an intensive study of the UFO phenomenon in 1956, I have been intrigued by those reports from individuals who claim to have witnessed strange aerial craft entering and leaving large bodies of water. What is more, the mystique and the reality of undersea USO (Unidentified Submarine Objects) bases seems to grow more convincing with each passing year.

In mid-February 1942--five years before Roswell--Lt. William Brennan of the Royal Australian Air Force was on patrol over the Bass Strait south of Melbourne, Australia, on the lookout for Japanese submarines or long-range German U-boats. Fishermen in the area had reported mysterious lights bobbing on the sea at night, and after the Japanese attack on Darwin on February 19, the Allied High Command was urging the strictest vigilance.

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