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Brad Steiger Brad Steiger is the author/coauthor of 154 books with over 17 million copies in print. His first published articles on the unexplained appeared in 1956, and he has now written more than 2,000 articles with paranormal themes. From 1970-'73, his weekly newspaper column, The Strange World of Brad Steiger, was carried domestically in over 80 newspapers and overseas from Bombay to Tokyo. He was born in Fort Dodge, Iowa, on February 19,1936. He is married to Sherry Hansen Steiger, a licensed and ordained minister, herself the author or coauthor of over 22 books. He has two sons, three daughters, and five grandchildren. Visit Brad Steiger's website: and also read Evidence for a New History. Read Brad Steiger's latest book Revelation: The Divine Fire.

The Spirit Teacher Who
Brought the Divine Fire
by Brad Steiger

(Copyright 2007, Brad Steiger - All Rights Reserved)

14:00 December 15, 2007

One evening in the summer of 1969, I was awakened by an unusual sound as I lay sleeping in the master bedroom of my home in Decorah, Iowa. When I opened my eyes, I was startled to see a dark hooded figure standing at the side of the bed. In the dim light diffused through a window shade from an outside streetlamp, I could see what appeared to be a man dressed as a cowled monk waving his arms over my wife and myself. I was instantly wide-awake with the adrenaline pumping fiercely through my veins. I felt no need to demand to know how the man got into the bedroom or to ask what his intentions might be. I felt no need to know if the stranger was a member of a respected monastic order, a satanic high priest, or an independent weirdo. Self-preservation and the survival instinct submerged any trace of inductive or deductive reasoning in my brain. Somehow, the hooded invader had found his way into our upstairs bedroom and until proven otherwise should be considered a likely threat to my wife and to my four children who were sleeping in two bedrooms down the hall.

And I had the terrible thought that since Reb, our very protective Beagle wasn't barking fiercely, the invader must have silenced him. I rose up on my knees in bed and pulled my right arm back to deliver as solid a punch as I could send into the face of the hooded trespasser who had violated the sanctity of our home. The blow never landed. I felt all of my strength draining from my body. I was like a balloon that had suddenly lost all of its air. I had never felt so weak, so helpless. I had been an avid weight-lifter since I was twenty-one. At that time, at age thirty-three, I considered myself very strong. But I collapsed in a sprawled heap on the bed at the mercy of the intruder, and I felt tears of fear and confusion running down my cheeks. "Don't be afraid," the hooded intruder said in a soft, androgynous voice. "We won't hurt you." The most incredibly bizarre aspect of these words of comfort was that they seemed to be coming from my wife--but it was certainly not her voice.

The next thing I knew it was morning. It was as though only a few seconds had passed. My eyes desperately searched the bedroom for a hidden assailant as if he might still be there, crouching at the side of the bed. It took a few more moments for me to realize completely that it was no longer night and that the threat was no longer there. As I walked cautiously through the rooms of our home, I found no evidence to indicate that anyone had broken in. Nothing in the house had been taken. Nothing seemed to have been disturbed in any way. I had no bumps or bruises. There was no evidence that the intruder had struck me or knocked me unconscious. And Reb was sound of body and wanting to be let out to perform his morning toilet.

My wife said that she seemed to remember hearing my sounds of distress and that she had reached out to comfort me. But if I had heard any voice speaking, it certainly hadn't been hers. Several times that day I reviewed the bizarre experience over and over in my mind. I knew that I had not been dreaming. I had definitely been awakened by an intruder who startled me from my sleep by making some kind of strange sound. What had the invader wanted? If he really was a legitimate member of a religious order, why would he break into the house and sneak into the master bedroom? What had the cowled figure done? A careful search of the home and a questioning of my children confirmed my initial assessment that nothing had been taken--nor had any member of the family been disturbed in any manner whatsoever.

I kept going over the only words that I had heard the hooded man speak: "Don't be afraid. We [or had it been "he"? Had there really been more than one intruder?] won't hurt you." When the incident occurred in 1969, I had already written a number of books in the paranormal field. The home in which I had spent my early childhood had been host to a number of ghosts, spirit manifestations, aspects of psychic residue, whatever one chooses to call such manifestations. I had also done ghost research in a number of haunted homes and witnessed a great deal of psychic phenomena and UFO activity. Although it may seem peculiar in light of my now long-established reputation as a paranormal researcher, it was only after hours of reviewing the situation that I finally entertained the possibility that our uninvited guest had been something other than a human interloper. Since there was no evidence of a physical intruder, I at last concluded that we had been visited by some kind of spirit being that had appeared solidly three-dimensionally before me.

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