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Morgellons - New Disease, or
Man-Made Weapon of Terror?

by Tim R. Swartz


Often those unfortunate enough to suffer with the debilitating symptoms of Morgellons are also found to have contracted Lyme disease sometime in the past. Doctors are still trying to determine if there is a biological connection with the two, or if Morgellons is simply taking opportunity of an already compromised immune system. It is interesting that there is a connection between Lyme disease and Morgellons. This considering the attention Lymes has garnered with certain health professionals who feel that Lyme, like Morgellons, is not an ordinary illness.

 There have been allegations over the years that Lyme disease was a natural disease made worse by genetic manipulation. The focus of these accusations is Plum Island, Just off Orient Point, Long Island, and six miles from the Connecticut coast. In 1954, research was influenced by the Cold War and scientists began studying ways to inflict damage on Soviet livestock. The Cuban government alleges that in the 1960s and 70s, bioweapons developed at Plum were deployed against Cuban agriculture, targeting pork, tobacco and sugar cane.

In surrounding communities, distrust of Plum Island runs deep. Lyme disease takes its name from a Connecticut town across from the island; many wonder whether birds or swimming animals could have brought the disease from Plum Island. Some suspect that it may have been deliberately released. Others speculate that Morgellons may have also originated on the island. Plum Island officials, of course, dismiss such hypotheses as fantasy. It is not too far outside of the spectrum to suggest that Morgellons could be a manmade disease. One woman, identified by the name "L," sent the author an e-mail stating that her husband, in 1993/1994, worked as a mechanical technician for a chemical plant that started an experimental program for their wastewater treatment plant adding plant organisms into their wastewater treatment facility. "He assisted with the installation of the startup equipment and overlooked the ongoing maintenance of this equipment. There were times he would be working on this equipment in nothing more than rubber boots and a dust mask. This plant organism was not supposed to infect humans.

"L" and her husband have both come down with symptoms of Morgellons. From the research so far, scientists who are examining the lesions and the fibers extracted from them are finding that the fibers might be made of cellulose, a molecule generally found in plants.

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