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Tim Swartz is an Indiana native and Emmy-Award winning television producer/videographer, and is the author of a number of popular books including: The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla, Secret Black Projects, Evil Agenda of the Secret Government, Time Travel: A How-To-Guide, Teleportation: From Star Trek to Tesla, Strange and Unexplainable Deaths, and his most recent: Richard Shaver-Reality of the Inner Earth. His articles have been published in magazines such as Mysteries, FATE, Strange, Atlantis Rising, UFO Universe, Renaissance, and Unsolved UFO Reports. Most recently Tim has become the Associate Publisher for Mysteries Magazine and is the host of the paranormal podcast: Mystery Tour: Investigating the Unknown. As well, Tim Swartz is the writer and editor of the Internet newsletter Conspiracy Journal; a free, weekly e-mail newsletter, considered essential reading by paranormal researchers worldwide. View his website at:

Mystery of the Black Triangle UFOs
by Tim R. Swartz

Posted: 14:50 December 7, 2007

Mystery of the Black Triangle UFOs

UFOs are reported in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. From round, ball-like shapes, square boxes, cigars, to the traditional flying saucer. Out of all of these configurations, triangular-shaped UFOs seem to be receiving more attention and publicity recently.

Beginning in the early 1980's many countries, including the United States, have experienced mass-sightings of triangle UFOs, all with similar characteristics such as shape, sound, lighting and flight patterns. Seen with increasing frequency, several excellent photos and videos have been taken of these strange craft. Nevertheless, despite these photos, no good explanation has yet surfaced to account the nature of these remarkable UFOs.

Many UFO researchers are certain that the flying triangles represent proof that the Earth is being visited by extraterrestrials. While the other side of the controversy says that these UFOs are, in fact, top secret, black budget military aircraft using technology that is years ahead of civilian science. The debate shows no sign of closure anytime soon.


Beginning in 1983, residents of the Hudson Valley area of New York and nearby Connecticut started seeing strange UFOs described as larger than a football field with multicolored flashing lights. The object seems to take on a boomerang or triangle shape. Most witnesses reported the UFO was a solid object made up of some type of very dark, gun-gray colored material.

At the peak of its activity, the object was seen by at least five thousand witnesses that included police officers, scientists, and people from all walks of life. All said that the silent, slow-moving UFO was something that they had never seen before and could not be identified.

Most of the reports from that area seem to support the idea that the flying triangle was extremely large, silent and very low. Most of the estimates place it around 500-800 feet above the ground. Local police were baffled by the sightings. State police said that the sightings were caused by nothing more than a group of stunt planes flying in formation. The FAA official at Bradley International Airport would not confirm or deny if they had anything on radar but insisted that the sightings were most likely a hoax with a hot air balloon. However, many people who saw the object said that the explanations didn't fit. As one building inspector in the Hartford area said: "This thing about balloons and aircraft is a lot of crap."

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