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photo of Dennis G. Balthaser

Dr. Brooks A. Agnew is a PhD physicist with more than 20 years of experience measuring the earth. His development work with Ground Probing Radar makes him one the top authorities in the world on the pulse, resonance, and interference frequencies of the Earth. His best seller "The Ark of Millions of Years" is changing the foundation of religions and sciences. You contact Dr. Agnew by email at His web site is

North Pole Inner Earth Expedition Update
by Brooks Agnew

Posted: 12:35 December 12, 2007

Dr. Brooks A. Agnew
We have been working very hard on the biodiesel faclity in Odessa, Washington the last two months. Much progress has been made. The biorefinery is nearly complete, the facility is nearing completion, and the seed crushing area is getting close to design completion. This will be the first facility of its kind in the US. Crushing seed in the same building as the biorefinery has never been done before.

We'll give you a progress report after we get back from Egypt in January 2008.

Rumors that the Expedition has been cancelled for this next year were started by us. We needed some time to get some space between us and the powers that "be." We got he time. The Producer has had many dozens of interesting contacts in Hollywood to get us support for the voyage costs. Although, I hate to sell all the rights to the film and data just to be able to make the voyage. We may find something very exciting and not be able to bring it to you, because some Hollywood studio owns the footage.

So, we have a solution. Let's raise the money ourselves. We only need $2 million. That is about 50 cents from each listener to X-Squared Radio. I know many hundreds of you have gone to the online store and bought things, which has helped more than you know. We have launched one major documentary, and are about to complete another one in January in preparation to going to the North Pole. We won the "Genes of Galileo Film Contest," in Japan this year and have loads of fans out there. That much has gotten us the notice of some very heavy film makers. Sounds good,, but they really want to show the film...not shoot the film. His web site is

You might not know this, but those Discovery Channel you like? They cost about $10 thousand apiece to produce. Cheap cheap cheap. They pay nothing, and they spend some time in the special effects studio, and then that's what you get. But, what would a High-Definition shot downt he throat of a Inner Earth opening be worth to you? What would a color and infrared segment with a large UFO comingup out of the water like the US Navy has reported near this area be worth to you?

That's right. We wouldn't hold anything back. So, take some time and go to the website and see how you can help us out. OUr 100-man science team wants to take this voyage so badly we can taste it. We dream about it every night. We work on it every day. I am here at 1:15 AM sending this newsletter out to you in hopes of reaching a few million of you to make this happen.

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