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Operation Paperclip and
Werner Von Braun

by T Stokes

Posted: 12:45 December 19, 2007

Werner Von Braun standing behind his desk surrounding by his rockets

Secret research papers belonging to the famous German rocket scientist behind the American success in the space race, Werner Von Braun, on physics and space rocket exploration are up for sale at Bonhams in Manhattan on November 4 2007.

The main paper containing 166 pages written in 1934 for his PhD, contains hand written charts and graphs, for which he was awarded a doctorate, yet it was considered so valuable it was seized by the German Military, and classified secret until 1960.

Hitlerís revenge weapon for the mass fire bombing of German cities, the V 2 Known as the Vergeltungswaffen was launched on London in September 1944 This was also as punishment in refusing Hitlerís peace overtures since 1941, and blaming the German people for the Russian massacres at the Katyn Forest. Operation Paperclip, was the evacuation of all the intelligentsia for Humintgath (Human intelligence gathering) before the Russians could take them, and 119 scientists alone were brought to the U.S.A.

The archive secret papers, are said to give much clues to various propulsion techniques and experimental designs for electric lift magnets and U F O gyroscope type reconnaissance vehicles, which led Von Braun to become director of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Centre, and the chief architect of the Saturn V launch vehicle for the Apollo 8, which put a man on the Moon, and worked with Arthur Rudolph on Anti-satellite weapon research.

Von Braun who died in 1977, also worked with Walt Disney making educational films, and became immensely popular, yet both Von Braun and Rudolph were the focus of blackmail attempts by the Mossad (Israeli Intelligence Agencies) for classified information, under the threat of smears against their names, and a continual target for hate mongers who had axes to grind from W.W.II.

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