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Truth about UFOs
concealed by Soviet cosmonauts

By staff writer English.Pravda.Ru

Posted: 13:41 December 3, 2008

Soviet cosmonauts conceal truth about UFOs
The UFO phenomenon never existed in the former USSR, at least in the official records. There were numerous stories about unidentified flying objects which could be heard from susceptible individuals, but Soviet cosmonauts never said anything on the subject, although they had a lot to share.

Vladimir Kovalenok
Former Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Kovalenok appeared at a press conference devoted to unusual and anomalous phenomena in space. He said that he had witnessed something inexplicable during his work on board the Salyut orbital station. The cosmonaut said that he once saw a strange object on Earth’s orbit. He asked his partner, Viktor Savinykh, to fetch a camera. While Savinykh was trying to find the camera, the object exploded in front of Kovalenok’s eyes. The object split into two parts and had something like a bridge connecting those parts. The dumbbell-like object disappeared before the other cosmonaut was ready to photograph it. A strong radioactive emission was registered on Earth soon after the explosion of the mysterious object.

Kovalenok said that many of his colleagues had witnessed something unusual on a number of occasions, but they decided not to bring those issues to the public attention.

Pavel Romanovich Popovich
Pilot Pavel Popovich was on a flight from Washington to Moscow in 1978. The plane was flying at the height of about 10,000 meters, when he noticed a triangular luminescent object flying on the same trajectory with his aircraft. The speed of the triangle was higher than that of the plane – more than 1,700 km/h, whereas the jetliner was flying at 1,100 km/h.

Cosmonauts Gennady Strekalov and Gennady Manakov saw a bright spherical object appearing in the cloudless sky above Newfoundland in 1990. The sphere disappeared without a trace ten seconds later.

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