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Tony R. Elliott has written stories for Fate Magazine for the last 4 years, OP-ED News. He has been a Political Columnist for The Cimarron News Press in Cimarron, New Mexico from 2001 to 2003. He has also written featured editorials in several Southern Oregon coastal newspapers during the 1990s. You can email Tony at

Faith And Reality
by Tony R. Elliott

Posted: 15:32 December 8, 2008

Faith And Reality

Before anyone can legitimately, study and research UFOs and their extraterrestrial occupants the issue of faith and reality has to be addressed.

Religious faith is the biggest obstacle in finding out exactly who these entities are, where they originate, and what's their purpose for being here.

The religious individual (seems to me) will always come to the table of knowledge seekers with a closed mind because of religious dogma. This is why even in today's world of high technology and science we still have people who will refuse to believe in any society existing anywhere else other than here on earth because to do so would say that earth bound human beings aren't unique, the most intelligent or divine in any way in the scheme of things a creator has manifested.

Even when the evidence of an extraterrestrial existence are as clear as to be indisputable religious individuals will automatically paint them as evil and here to do us harm always-using referrals from their chosen religion texts.

I believe human civilization exists to advance intelligently beyond the wildest imaginations of the greatest writers and will evolve into light beings that have no further use of a physical body because intelligence will outgrow the need for them.

By believing in ourselves and our capabilities we can advance as a species by recognizing obstacles that keep us from speeding up evolution.

Today we humans are divided by color, country, political views, education, economics, and sexual preferences and above all by religion.

We cannot expect to advance in any direction being as divided as we are. The idea of our earthly human civilization uniting as one with common interests and goals is one of a fairy tales because of our secular mindset. The only time we as human beings come close to being united is when half of us are close to obliterating the other half in war. We have come a long way since the days of the Roman Empire but in the face of all our advancements since then we remain secular as we were in the days when we consisted of uncivilized tribes roaming the countryside.

On the outside looking in, it is no wonder that physical contact has not been made because to do so would introduce them to a savage society only interested in self.

Today contact is being made on an individual basis in many ways such as Aura Visions, Sleep Paralysis, dreams, and other subliminal means. This has to be done in this way to change the mindset of individuals who hold on to their secular ways and would otherwise prevent our advancement intellectually and spiritually of those who want to advance.

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