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Keeping UFOs Off the National Radar,
For Good

by Ross Fale

Posted: 14:00 December 22, 2008

When will it end?

We're nearing the end of 2008, and reports and sightings still abound. Any individual can find video, pictures, commentary, and perspectives of all different sorts by spending less than a half hour on the net. Once in a while, a large sighting makes the evening news. It's covered one day and dropped the next, with nobody really giving it much more thought. Some dismiss it. Others have a more laid-back approach. If they're here, they're here. They don't seem to be hurting anybody. In other words, most folks don't know of a person whom they believe to have been abducted.

Well, there may be good reason for everyone to take one good, final look at this issue: the Disclosure Project. Directed by Stephen Greer, M.D., this not-for-profit organization has compiled testimony from over 400 high-level government, military, and private corporate witnesses, each of whom have had personal experience with the issue and who are also willing to testify under oath before Congress. These are modern-day Deep Throats, yes, but the difference today is that all these folks have names, ranks, and stories to tell which range from sightings, contacts, even work on the re-engineering of alien technology, you name it. Pretty much everything from all those sci-fi movies we've been watching for the last fifty years.

Ok, ok. I know you're with me, probably ahead of me, and possibly laughing at me. Aliens exist, you believe, and if a person is fortunate enough they just might see one of these crafts zipping through the skies. Possibly, for you, so-called ETs don't exist. For the sake of argument, let's just take for granted that they do. So what? Though the truth about the existence of intelligent extra-terrestrial life is important to this Disclosure Project, they seem to be even more interested in disclosing the extra-terrestrial technology that we supposedly have as a result of interaction with these beings, technology we have been sitting on for at least the last forty years.

According to Greer's research, we have mirrored an extra-terrestrial energy generation capability called "zero-point energy", which harnesses the energy that all matter in the universe is made from, something made possible by the reverse-engineering of an ET craft. With zero-point energy, according to scientists familiar with it, there is no propulsion engine, or burning of an external fuel source. In addition to being able to build and fly a craft around using no fuel, and leaving no waste, Dr. Greer and some of his science-based witnesses assert that this technology can be applied to anything. Anything that uses energy to function could be powered by this so-called zero-point energy. No need for power plants. Or electrical lines. No nuclear reactors, and no fossil fuels. No pollution. How would that fare for this planet?

Each vehicle, each household, would have its own power source, and that's that. Hunger and poverty would disappear. Resources wouldn't be warred over. On the surface, this may seem rather Utopian, but the reality is there are still major implications as to the effect of this technology on every social, economic, and geo-political system. In other words, it would be a jarring, dramatic, world-sweeping change. And it would come about quickly. The end of the world as we know it.Twenty years ago, this idea would seem 100% ridiculous unless it were on a cinema screen. However, today there are dozens of government insiders who are willing to testify before Congress regarding this technology.

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