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Chris Holly spent a great deal of her life building different entrepreneur ventures, however her one true passion has always been writing. Long ago she found it far easier to explain the paranormal by way of a true story told in an interesting form. She lived a life filled with extreme experiences and unique events involving that which we do not understand. She felt it her destiny to tell these true events to the world by way of her short stories. Along with the Endless Journey and The Knight Zone site, Chris is working on a book. "I am doing a collection of short stories about my lifetime of paranormal experiences, which should be complete by the winter of 2009." You can reach her at or visit her website: Endless Journey and The Knight Zone

Australian Peter's Close Encounter
by Chris Holly

(Copyright © 2008 Chris Holly)

Posted: 10:00 December 19, 2008

I met Peter by way of another friend. Peter lives in Australia and heard that I write about the paranormal. My friend told Peter that I am determined to tell people of other peoples experiences so that they are not alone or unprepared if they find themselves in the middle of a Paranormal event. That appealed to Peter and so I was lucky enough to interview this interesting down to earth man.

Peter and I talked awhile so I could get a good sense of his background and history. Peter is what I would consider a mans man. He is a man of the earth. He hunts and is a fisherman. Peter is the kind of man who could survive in the wild if need be and is use to the outdoors and comfortable with his relationship to nature. Peter is also a straight shooter type man who tells you how it is and without lots of fan fare. He is without question not the type for fanciful stories or a man that seeks attention. Peter is a strong man who knows his place in this world and is happy with it. He is in no manner or fashion a fool or attention seeker. I tell you these things as Peter also had an extreme experience that I feel is without question not only a abduction, but one many others may have experienced as well. The difference is that Peter has come to terms with this mystery and is willing to share it in hopes it will someday help one of you!

Years ago, in fact 30 odd years or more Peter went hunting out in the wilderness of Australia with two friends Frank and Dan. Frank was a good friend of Peters, Dan a fellow they worked with. The three of them went hunting late one night after work, which was a common event at the time. It is called spotlight hunting. They would go out at night, one man would drive a pickup, one would aim a big flood or spotlight and the third would do the shooting of what the spotlight could find.

The three men were out in an area between a group of mountains on one side and a huge valley on the other. They were positioned sort of on the side of the mountains with the truck looking over and down into this valley. Of course at night the only thing clearly visible to them was what they caught on the road with the truck headlights and of course the areas they were flashing the large spotlight.

They were hunting away this night when all of a sudden Peter recalls standing beside the truck he had been driving, and looking down into the valley with his friends standing along side him. Peter and his friends were stunned as the entire valley in an instant went from the depth of night to a fully lit day. The entire valley became fully lighted exactly like daytime. Not by lights or flares, nothing like that. The valley became daytime right before their eyes. They could not figure it out, as it was 1:00 a.m. in the morning and should be as dark as coal. The three men stood there confused looking around as they tried to reason out why night instantly turned to day. Peter also recalls that the daylight had a very gentle blue tint to it, but otherwise, was simply daytime.

Peter does not recall anything else other than lighting up a cigarette while they looked around at the valley. He thinked he finished his smoke and then jumped into the truck and decided to drive back home. Peter and his friends were about two hours out from where they lived in this valley-mountain area. Peter recalls arriving home and going to bed, which is all he remembered at the time.

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