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Chris Holly spent a great deal of her life building different entrepreneur ventures, however her one true passion has always been writing. Long ago she found it far easier to explain the paranormal by way of a true story told in an interesting form. She lived a life filled with extreme experiences and unique events involving that which we do not understand. She felt it her destiny to tell these true events to the world by way of her short stories. Along with the Endless Journey and The Knight Zone site, Chris is working on a book. "I am doing a collection of short stories about my lifetime of paranormal experiences, which should be complete by the winter of 2009." You can reach her at or visit her website: Endless Journey and The Knight Zone

What Are the Aliens Waiting For?
The Answer is My Resolution for 2009

by Chris Holly

(Copyright © 2008 Chris Holly)

Posted: 14:17 December 20, 2008

What Are the Aliens Waiting For?

The Answer is My Resolution for 2009
What is keeping the Aliens from simply landing on the White House lawn and introducing themselves to mankind? Why do they seem to ride our skies under the cloak of confusion and continue to remain a mystery?

I think about that and find the answers in mankind. I believe that disclosure is as much an Alien decided subject, as it is mankind. I do not think it is only the governments of this world that enjoy our distant relationship with other beings but the Aliens as well. Lets face it, if you can find your way to this planet, keep cloaked rather easily to the planets inhabitants. If you can abduct humans at will, keep the powers of the earth at bay and keep your existence your own business right under our noses, you are a great deal more advanced than we can imagine.

We earthlings still spend our time debating the Alien existence while the Aliens spend their time coming and going as they wish often right in front of our faces. We being a trainable bunch who willingly stay in our taught mode of looking the other way. We accept we should fear any connection to this subject and allow whatever that is going on- to go on.

I think about this arrangement we have with other beings and realize it isn't our decision as much as it is the other beings. It is their wish to continue visiting our planet cloaked in mystery and hidden from the masses. It isn't us being standoffish- its them!

I like history. I know that from the beginning of human time we have been a warring species. We have spent as much time killing each other as we have in advancing our kind. We have been at war with one another non- stop somewhere on this earth from the first day we were able to figure out how to use a club!

Today the planet seems to be at a hateful fevered pitch. The news, the inter net; even our entertainment is all filled with killing hatred and aggression. Why on earth would any species want to cozy up to beings like us? Even if they too were aggressive killers -banging heads with us, if avoidable, would be the preferred road to take. Obviously we are not to be envied by other cosmos beings when we can barely get along with each other.

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