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Michael Gintowt has a long standing interest in both the paranormal and the “normal” sciences. He received a Masters degree in psychology, having studied at the Centre for Studies in Behavioral Neurobiology, at Concordia University, Montreal. Martial arts keeps him grounded, as does his day job, working as a supervisor in the field of children’s mental health. He has studied shamanism, ecopsychology, hypnosis, divination arts, psychoactive drugs, the psychology of persuasion and mind control, altered states of consciousness and neuroscience. You can visit Michael's website at or email him at

Where is the Serious UFO Research?
by Michael Gintowt

Posted: 23:19 December 9, 2008

Decades ago, Dr. Jacques Vallee called upon the UFO community to conduct serious research.

Dr. Jacques Vallee

He especially emphasized the need to study the phenomenon from an International perspective. A global phenomenon must involve the entire globe. If a phenomenon is limited to one or two locations on earth, then any hypothesis regarding its origin must logically consider first a mundane, earth-based and human cultural explanation. (see, for example, the article on crop- circles, in the Articles section).

A serious research effort in exopsychology would compile and categorize human reactions to sightings of various sorts, around the world, and analyze differences between regions. This site will host a series of International Surveys to contribute towards the accumulation of solid data. Stay tuned for that development.

We also need research that provides a counterpoint to the very credible research being done in the field of neuroscience, that would explain the majority of alien abduction reports as misfiring of the brain. See this page for a sample of such research. The fact that the popular and intelligent debunker and master skeptic Michael Shermer cites such research should prod serious researchers to provide equally persuasive evidence in support of alternate hypotheses such as “aliens really do abduct people.” (Exopsychology is interested in the truth, not in advocating for any preset assumptions, one way or another.) A compendium, for example, of abduction cases that occurred in daylight, while awake, not remembered by hypnosis, with witnesses and accompanied by physical evidence and third party testimony in favor, would go a long way towards supporting an alternate explanation to that of people being misled by their own brains. The fact that people are often misled by their own brains, lends considerable support to this hypothesis. This, we must admit.

Dr. Michael Persinger, from Laurentian University, has long argued that abduction experiences can be explained as manifestations of brain activity. he goes on to specify which regions of the brain are responsible, and he further has been able to replicate abduction experiences in experimental subjects. He fitted them with a motorcycle helmet into which were inserted magnetic coils, and he stimulate their brains using this device, dubbed the “Octopus” at first, then later, “The God Helmet.” Experimental subjects in the helmet report feelings of divine presence, terrifying experiences of being transported, and the presence of alien like beings. Dr. Persinger’s work is so significant that it warrants its own article. Meanwhile, this video give s a sense of the research that lends credibility to biological explanations for the abduction experience - at least some of the time:

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