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Ronald Nussbeck is the author of two books The Deception and Retribution. Out of 10,0000 authors in Publish America stable his books ranked #1 for over four months and are sold in 24 countries worldwide. His books can be found on and hundreds of books stores online, just Google his name. He has researched UFOs for over 10 years and has worked with Ron Montgomery/Stewart a Scientist who developed PPP-Penetrating Photographic Process in developing images of UFOs and aliens. He has had many articles written about his work by Ian Brockwell who published several articles on He has done extensive work in the Scientific community on UFOs. You can email Ronald at

UFO: NASA STS 75 Shuttle
Tether Science Mission

by Ronald Nussbeck

Posted: 13:15 December 13, 2008

Over the last 10 year I have worked on several UFO projects one of which is NASA's STS 75 Columbia Space Shuttle Tether Science Mission TSS-1R launched on February 22, 1996 from Kennedy Space Center Florida. The orbital altitude was 160 nautical miles with a mission duration of 15 days, 17 hours, 41 minutes, 25 seconds and a distance of 6.5 million miles traveled.

The payload deployed was an Italian built Tether designed to gather data on voltage generated across the Tether while in the ionosphere. During the operation the Tether snapped from the Shuttle on day three just short of full deployment of it's 12.8 mile length Tether causing it to speed away from the orbiter. The Tether moving through the ionosphere became electrically charged with as much as 3,500 volts or 480 milliamps drawing the attention of UFO's orbiting the Earth. Below is a link to NASA's film footage of the event.

The photo below is the Tether with a UFO I named "Notch Back" next to it. A precise measurement of the UFO was made using the Tether as a ruler indicating the Notch Back was 2 1/2 miles in diameter. The CCD video camera onboard the Columbia is a multimillion dollar camera capable of viewing objects in multi light spectrums and providing the highest quality images of a UFO to date. The CCD video camera a high-efficiency, high-frame-rate ultraviolet (ITS charge-coupled device (CCD) camera that is especially well suited for biological and defense applications was developed. This is the first high-frame rate camera using delta-doped CCDs, which is suitable for biological imaging having high speed, high and stable UV quantum efficiency and insensitivity to visible light. The camera is built around a back-surface illuminated, thinned, delta-doped CCD with antireflection coating and a visible-light-blocking filter. [Issues pertaining to the principle of operation, design, and fabrication of delta-doped CCDs have been discussed in a number of prior NASA Tech Briefs articles, the one most relevant to the present development being "Back-Illuminated CCDs With Integral Ultraviolet-Pass Filters" (NPO-21007), NASA Tech Briefs, Vol. 25, No. 7 (July 2001), page 20a.] Back-illuminated delta-- doped CCDs have been found to operate at quantum efficiency of 40 to 60 percent in the 300- to 400-nm region of interest. With addition of antireflection coatings, quantum efficiency can be increased to between 80 to 100 percent. Moreover, the high quantum efficiency of delta-doped CCDs has been shown to be stable for years. Because CCDs are also sensitive to visible light, filters must be included to block the light at wavelengths greater than 400 nm. The camera has been demonstrated to operate at a rate of 2 to 10 frames per second with digital output and digital control of the camera parameters and in acquiring images of biological significance in a wavelength band centered at 300 run (see figure). At the time of reporting, the camera is operating a delta-doped, 1024-- by-1024-pixel, 12-(mu)m-pixel-pitch CCD. Camera electronics are capable of operating at a rate of 30 frames per second and subsequent development is required for design and fabrication of video-rate CCDs for use in this camera. The camera is also compact and transportable and is suitable for field observations as well as laboratory measurements. With little doubt the best photo's ever taken of Alien Space Craft were by NASA's CCD video camera, the evidence I present in photo's are truly the best photo's ever taken of Alien Craft.

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