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UFO: NASA STS 75 Shuttle
Tether Science Mission

by Ronald Nussbeck

The photo's seen in this article are made possible by PPP-Penetrating Photographic Process which was developed by one of America's most brilliant Scientist's in the Optical field, many thanks to him for all the fantastic photo's.

The Notch Back has several important feathers that were studied in depth for more than a year which I now make available to the public. First, the Notch in the rear of the craft is what I believe is a spark-gap, this houses the fuel cell for the Craft. Second, the hole in the center of the Craft is used to create a warp in the time/space continum, in other words a Worm hole. For decades Scientist have questioned how it was possible for Alien's to travel the long distances in space in order to arrive at planet Earth, some have discounted Alien's existence based on travel time to Earth from the nearest Star. The Notch Back uses a Coil to amplify energy over the two and a half mile surface of the Craft. Tesla first used a 18 foot Coil to create 1,000,000 volts of electricity in the early 1900's, using Tesla's Coil to extrapolate the Notch Back's Coil electrical voltage output as a equation 2 to the 64th power = 9.2 quintillion (64 lines can count to 9.2 quintillion) 9,223,372,036,000,000,000 volts. The Alien's interest peaked in the failed Tether experiment with nearly 100 Alien Crafts circling the Tether as seen in NASA's video above. This likely arose out of curiosity into the electrification of the Tether which displayed similar properties as the Notch Back's operating propulsion system. Never before has so many Alien Crafts been recorded at one time in one place in history.

The photo below is a X-Ray/Thermo image of the Notch Back using PPP the photo allows a clear view of an Alien Crafts components when examined up close. Use an enlargement tool to view the electronics of the Notch Back up close.

The Notch Back as seen below has many distinguishable feathers on it's exterior Hull such as Pictographs of the Alien's who built and command the Craft, most notable is the Humanoid at the top. The size of the Notch Back gets lost in a photo, think of this Craft as the size of Phoenix Arizona USA and you realize the Humanoid head is as wide as the Grand Canyon. Some people will have a hard time believing the photo's are real in this article so I am offering $10,000 to anyone who can prove the photo's are not real, that goes for NASA, Scientists or Governments. This is not to disprove the photo's but it is a way to prove they are real by offering a Challenge to all comers, this challenge has been made public for over four months now with no takers. The link below is to our Alien's Exist $10,000 Challenge with over 20,000 hits.

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