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Jannice Fadely Jannice Fadely was born and raised on a ranch in Holland, Oregon. She prefers to live in the country even though right now lives in town due to ongoing medical issues. Having been always curious about everything she has spent her life studying everything from the Qabalah to quantum physics. She has an AA in accounting, two years of electronic technology, Emergency Medical Technician intermediate, hospice, mountaineering and self taught in sciences as well as investigative methodology for the paranormal. She remembers seeing and hearing things that no one else saw or heard and instead of being afraid she always asked why. You can email Jannice at

Stone Energy Wheels
and AntiWheels

by Jannice Fadely

Posted: 15:22 December 20, 2008

Everything consists of Set and AntiSet.
Set is all that which is.
AntiSet is all that which is not there but is truly there.
Set is the object.
AntiSet is the mathematical equation that forms the object.

(Object) and ( ) none object. Both are there one just is invisible by ordinary sight.
This is the principal behind Set or Stone Wheels and AntiSet or none stone Wheels.
The Stone Wheel you can trip over. The AntiWheel you cannot trip over.
The Stone Wheel is obviously made of stones. The AntiWheel is created out of sticks.
The Stone Wheel contains Some Thing. The AntiWheel contains the No Thing.

It is no coincidence that Runes are traditionally made of stone; runes are themselves devices that have been designed to retrieve information. The lines etched into the stones are mathematical formulas that call forth the runes equivalent energy from the stone it is etched on. The stones used for the runes are also important; each stone has a unique chemical composition and thus its own mathematical formula - its own energy.

While the runes can and indeed are used to tap into the subtle energies of the earth, their size restricts the amount of energy that can be channeled through them in the same way that a stream is able to channel less water than a river. To utilize the power contained in the stones as it was intended, one has to use a lot of rocks, the bigger the better; the more stone is used the wider the energy channel that is created, in essence the right stones in the right alignment can create a vortex of energy, allowing greater information retrieval. When our ancestors built Stonehenge it was not by accident that they chose to quarry very specific stones of quite precise dimensions from different parts of the country with which to form their circle. It is the placement of the stones in a specific pattern that determines the amount and type of knowledge that can be retrieved.

We have all seen the old stone retrieval devices such as Europe's sanding stones, Egypt's pyramids and Easter Island's enigmatic figures. It is impossible to estimate how many thousands of years some of these sites been used by our ancestors as even archaeologists disagree as to the age and purpose of these monuments. It is quite possible that if these circles were to be rebuilt to the correct mathematical proportions in theory they would be useable again. The thing that makes this impossible is not our inability to replicate the construction, but rather our inability to keep curious tourists away from them; an energy circle is a sacred site and cannot also be a tourist attraction. The erratic energy that thousands of visitors bring is completely at variance with the state of peace and balance needed to tap into the true function of such circles.

What remains of our ancestors stone circles have been rendered unusable due to damage they have sustained in the past, however, if you have the space it is easy enough to build a stone energy wheel that works just as well as any of the ancient circles that our ancestors built. Recently these stone circles have been built in deserts on the outskirts of towns, creating a sacred centre that is both attuned to nature but sufficiently remote to remain unnoticed by most ordinary people.

A word of warning; under no circumstances are any drugs or alcohol or any other mind altering substances be allowed in the circles.

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