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1962 Illinois UFO Sighting
Part 1

Robert Bartel

(Copyright 2009, Robert Bartel -All Rights Reserved)

(Edited by Robert D. Morningstar)

Posted: 11:36 December 22, 2009

I live in Springfield, IL as a youth my classmates and myself would sometimes meet and each other’s home. Way before cable TV, there were only TV antennas that sat on top of the homes back in the 60's when this story takes place as follows.

As I recall and being the sole remaining witness to this event of a Saturday afternoon, watching TV at my school mate’s home just outside of Southern View IL.

Kenny Ballow and his mother and father and sister were watching TV in the small front room of their home, which was located near railroad tracks and high power lines. I would say approximately 100 ft away from the home.

Well I recall being the first hearing this high pitched noise not thinking it being so much from the outside of the home then inside TV interference, as TV was always going in and out from the drift of the radio waves hitting the antenna, which was common in those days in 1962. Being all of 13 years old at the time, my visits to my friends was close to my home either by walking or riding a bike to see whom ever that was for an afternoon hangout.

This day I would walk from my home crossing what they called Hawks Crossing and then down a county road to see Kenny and watch some TV and talk about what boys talked about at that age.

Well hearing this noise, which seemed to be getting louder by the seconds...and the TV going wild with the fuss and all, it became clear that it was not the TV, but something coming from the outside and to our right, which was the power lines and the railroad tracks. Not having heard this before, this high pitched noise and living on the other side of the railroad tracks myself just down the lane from Kenny's, it became a mystery that we all wanted to run outside and see what was going on, and where (?) what (?) was causing the noise in the first place.

Well, as we all log jammed outside of the door, me being the first out after we all re-grouped at the door way. I was able to see to my right and hear to my right this object that was about a few hundred feet off the ground and moving in a Northern direction, coming out of the South and following right down along the power lines and railroad tracks below it.

I was at that time a very fast runner and after seeing on their faces the Ballow's look of "What is that?", I decided to chase this thing down the country road, the same road I had walked down to see Kenny and family just hours before.

Well, as I ran, I was looking at what was an egg-shaped object, which was shiny and had small windows at the top of what was the big end. On the TOP, it had some sort of craft, flashing lights that rotated around the windows.

When at school that Monday, I told my science teacher about it in front of my classmates and drew on the chalk board what I saw, I recall my teacher and fellow students did not really understand what I saw and heard.

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