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Nostradamus Predicts World War-III Will Begin In 2010
by Margarita Troitsina

Posted: 18:10 December 17, 2009

According to astrologists and prophets, the next year of the Yellow Metal Tiger will not be easy. Researchers of Nostradamus’s predictions talk about some mysterious Virgin whose death is wanted and about the appearance of some “heartless, blood-thirsty” leader who will rule with “sword and fire.” Pavel Globa, a famous Russian astrologist, thinks that the year will be easier for Russians, but Europe and the USA can expect another economic downturn.

Researchers of Nostradamus believe that his predictions for the year 2010 can be found in X quatrain of X century.

The passage speaks about some mysterious Virgin, whose death is wanted, problems with trade, and appearance of some “heartless, blood-thirsty” leader who will rile with “sword and fire.” There is also a mentioning of “Satan’s arch of fury.” Interpreters think that it might be a ballistic missile.

Famous Nostradamus specialists think that his quatrains contain the following information for 2010:
• Possibly, World War III will start in November, and bacteriological and chemical weapons will be used.
• There will be conflict between Western Europe and the USA.
• There will be conflict between Great Britain and France.
• There is a possibility of armed military conflict on the Crimean peninsula.
• Europe will suffer an economic downturn.
• There will be a catastrophe in the Black Sea involving sulphuretted hydrogen.

Will the financial crisis end?

One of the famous astrologists predicted that economic problems in 2010 will grow. Many large companies will declare bankruptcy. This will cause hunger, religious and ethnical conflicts, and ecological problems. Global warming will greatly damage agriculture. An armed conflict is possible in Central Asia.

Russian “prophet” Pavel Globa believes that the year will be easier for Russians, while Europe and the USA can expect another economic downturn. This will happen because Russian officials will change their financial policy.

In September, predictions of a psychic named Ekaterina were spread on Russian websites. The predictions were as follows:

• Russia will suffer from a wave of earthquakes. One of them will destroy a huge building.
• Many cataclysms will take place in the US.
• On November 11, 2010, a war will be waged between two large countries. Only those who will be able to hide in the East or Caucuses will survive. 50 million Russians will die. There will be a short period of peace after the war.
• Four kings will clash in a battle, and another World War will commence.
• A large bird will fly over the USA, Satan himself will lay a bomb, and people will cry bloody tears.

What do futurologists think about it? In the end of the 20th century, a group of specialists formulated the following scientifically-based predictions for 2010:

• Solar activity will drop.
• There will be a large flood in South-East Asia
• Birth-rate in Europe will decrease.
• Russia and Belarus will experience economic upturn.
• An era of matriarchate will commence to last for 23 years.
• A new union will be formed involving the US, Europe, and countries of the Pacific basin
• New political and economic theories will start to form, and they will drastically change the future.
• New robots-androids will appear and will be introduced to day-to-day life
• Scientific evidence of the existence of soul will be discovered.
• Hadron collider will crash and form a black hole of artificial origin.

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