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Seeing And Experiencing Aliens Through The GAMMA Mind
by Doc Edwards

Posted: 00:15 December 5, 2009

Excerpts from Doc Edwards' new book on "Alien And Extra-Terrestrial Religion And Spirituality" will be run exclusively in UFO Digest. Be sure to check back from week to week to insure that you have read the latest installment. You can email Doc Edwards at

The difference between those who frequently see aliens and other, so-called, paranormal events is not luck or coincidence, but rather the state of mind they unknowingly access and use; usually, unbeknownst to themselves, they are viewing this paranormal phenomena in, what is coming to be known by neuro-scientists as, the GAMMA-Mind, a higher brainwave frequency than that which the average person views reality from.

The following information is part of the second chapter in UFO Digest*s on-going presentation of excerpts from the book by Doc Edwards, Alien And Extra-Terrestrial Religion And Spirituality. Learning to access and use this little-known Gamma brainwave frequency is the secret that will allow anyone to easily see the alien, extra-terrestrial life forms that are continually around us, as well as many other, what we might casually call, paranormal circumstances and events.

AUTHORS NOTE: The unusual (and perhaps controversial, at least to many) information presented in the article that follows was taken directly from my notes and transcripts as I recorded them in session with my *sources.* These are the same sources responsible for all that is contained in this book. For the lack of any other explanation, I always identify these unusual sources by using the plural pronoun *they* or *them* .

Out of all the possibilities that exist within the many dimensions that make-up both the seen and the unseen universe, still the average human being--- at least the great majority of them --- are only personally aware of one, small dimension that we fondly, affectionately, and I might add, loosely call, *our everyday reality.* It is an undisputed fact, one that clearly attests to the absolute, non-negotiable desire on the part of the great and anonymous majority of most of humanity on this planet that we should only see and experience, and thus ultimately accept, only as *real* that reality which the consensus of the majority says is reality.

The bottom-line here --- at least for the majority of us --- is that we will only accept as what we would call *really real* only those things that we are most familiar with, based of course, on the proven unreliable testimony of our feeble five physical senses. This is the reality that we, who are ostensibly physical (humans), find ourselves locked into from birth. This is the reality where we find our food, our shelter, our romantic relationships, as well as all other things we call *physical.* Indeed, one could say that this reality, which science refers to as the *Beta-focused reality,* because it is seen, perceived, and tactically experienced, registering and translating itself into what the human brain identifies and cognates as the one, valid, all-important-to-the-survival-of-the-species reality when the human brain/mind is emitting a brainwave frequency between approximately 14 to 30 cycles per second (Hz) in brainwave language. As narrow as this limited Beta-perspective might seem --- especially when you consider that there are possibly many, many other just as valid perspectives --- at least for those entities or beings with the necessary brain/mind software to register and experience them.

Because of this, human beings are, for the most part, strictly mono-focused and certainly experientially pre-conditioned to only admit into the perception of their brains that sense bearing data that fully corroborates and validates the collective and agreed upon view of reality that we have always called, *our everyday reality and world.* As a direct consequence of this, only the narrowest, little slice, out of all the possible dimensions that might actually exist in the universe, is perceived by the average human mind/brain; though, strangely, neuroscientists tell us that the human mind has been well equipped by Mother Nature, obviously since its creation, to be capable of viewing and perceiving many other modalities of reality, other than just this narrow, little bit of viewpoint we call our everyday world.

As they say, "there's a whole *nother* world out there" --- or should I say,*worlds with a capitol *S* --- that is, of course,* once you learn how to see them.

It is as if the average human, from the time of his or her birth, came into this world of space and time with a self-imposed patch over one eye and therefore predisposed to spend the rest of their lives viewing life from this limited one-eyed perspective. However, as you will soon come to see, there is a way to remove this patch limiting your vision, and thereby open untold vistas of reality to view and experience, realities that most would now only dare dream to exist. The secret lies in learning to control the brainwave emissions induced in our brain/mind.

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