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Steve Hammons writes about Remote ViewingSteve Bass is a Ufologist who believes in the scientific approach to the UFO phenomenon. He is an investigator and State Section Director for the Mutual UFO Network, and a Fellow of the Research Institute on Anomalous Phenomenon based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. He is also a journalist for UFO Digest and American Chronicle. Email Steve at

HAARP: A Defense Against Extaterrestrials
by Steve Bass
State Section Director, MUTUAL UFO NETWORK
Fellow, Research Institute on Anomalous Phenomena
Kharkiv, Ukraine

(Copyright © 2009 by Steve Bass. All rights reserved.)

Posted: 12:57 December 27, 2009

HAARP: A Defense Against ExtaterrestrialsA secret government facility it is not, but secret government programs are believed to be active at a high frequency power transmitting station and research facility known as HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program based eight miles north of Gakona, Alaska. Commissioned in 1990, HAARP is a scientific venture by the United States Air Force Research Laboratory and the Office of Naval Research to study the Earth’s ionosphere.

The ionosphere begins about 50 miles above the Earth’s surface and protects the Earth from the Sun’s damaging radiation. By creating an electric field high in the atmosphere, scientists at the HAARP Observatory study the reactions of the ionosphere in hopes of advancements in communications and surveillance systems for both military and civilian use.

Ionospheric disturbances are believed to induce large power surges in electric power grids; these are thought to cause power outages.1 HAARP purports that learning more about these disturbances can lead to a higher dependability in communications and supplying electrical power. To learn about these disturbances, HAARP uses an artificially generated high frequency electric field to recreate these same disturbances. Undertakings such as this inherently lead to the ability to create disturbances which could adversely affect, say, an enemy communication system or power grid. This could be utilized in a war like the War in Iraq, where nullifying city-wide power grids and disrupting communications would serve to confuse an enemy’s defenses and enable Allied forces to achieve victory in less time.

It is difficult to believe that the United States government would invest so highly in technology to defeat third world countries, though. The aim must be on something more menacing to the U.S. government. It is hard to imagine what could be so threatening.

In 1947, the American military learned three very valuable lessons. The first is that Extraterrestrial civilizations were visiting Earth. This was confirmed when an alien craft crash landed in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico. This wreckage and the craft’s occupants were recovered by the U.S. military, but not after a rancher named Mac Brazel brought debris with highly unusual qualities to the attention of the sheriff in Roswell, who notified nearby Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF). Major Jesse Marcel, an intelligence officer for the 509th Bomb Group (the same responsible for delivering atomic bombs to Japan) and a counterintelligence agent named Sheridan Cavitt was sent from RAAF to investigate.2

Based on their accounts, the RAAF commanding officer ordered the Public Information Officer, First Lieutenant Walter Haut, to issue a press release that would be read around the world and for decades to come, proclaiming that a crashed "disc" had been recovered. A massive cover-up campaign by the U.S. Air Force ensued and continues to this day. In the coming days and years, the Air Force seemed to have many opportunities to perfect their crash recovery and cover-up techniques.

The second lesson the American military learned is that Extraterrestrial technology had fallacies. When researching why Extraterrestrials would seem to be concentrating so heavily, and occasionally crashing in the deserts of the American Southwest, one has only to consider what would attract their attention. The American Southwest is a desolate area, so it was chosen to test America’s cutting edge technology- the research and development of rocket engines. Finally, Humanity was progressing to the point where it could extend its reach into the cosmos. Naturally, those whose neighborhoods and stomping grounds were about to be invaded by a bunch of ignorant Earthlings would be concerned enough to monitor their progress.

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