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IF ...
And it is a Giant "IF"

Kevin W. Smith

Copyright 2009, Kevin W. Smith – All Rights Reserved)
(Edited by Robert D. Morningstar)

Posted: 19:09 December 21, 2009

The Copenhagen Climate Conference has ended without agreement.  Ban Ki Moon, U.N. Secretary General, had hoped for a legally binding treaty, but came up empty handed.  Perhaps that is because the U.N., through its security personnel, and through the Danish Police, employed heavy handed tactics to try to force their agenda to completion.

When an accredited reporter asked a question about the now famous "Climate Gate" e-mails, and the destruction of primary data on climate change, U.N. personnel tried to take away his mic, turn off his mic, and the reporter was threatened by a uniformed security officer.  Why?  If there is nothing to hide, why not just answer the question? 

I can tell you why.  The United Nations is abjectly opposed to freedom of speech.  When someone goes to work in a United Nations mission, they are required to sign a contract that says they will not talk to the media, nor will they communicate back to their home government about anything going on in that United Nations mission in which they are working.  How do I know?  Been there.  Done that.  The United Nations is an enemy of freedom of speech.  Without that particular freedom, there is no way to campaign for other freedoms.  Stop freedom of speech, and you stop the freedom movement pretty much entirely.

Opposition to the Copenhagen Climate Conference (and agreement) is spawned primarily due to the deceptive and underhanded practices of the United Nations itself.  The report they issued on global warming, the IPCC report, was produced based upon spurious data that had apparently been rigged to show dire conditions when the real data shows otherwise.  We now know that to be a fact based on the leaked e-mails from the scientists who produced the "data". 

Now, IF—and it is a big IF—there is really a need for this type of climate agreement, the elites who have tried to jury rig the data and the process need to consider that there are far more regular people than there are elites.  The opposition to the Copenhagen agreement was world wide.  Why?  Because people resent being taken for granted.  People resent having more regulations and government slammed in their faces when they believe it is unnecessary and based on fraud.

So, what is the real reason for the push to get a climate agreement in Copenhagen?  To save face for Al Gore who got a Nobel Prize for a global warming movie based on fraudulent data, a movie ruled by British courts to be primarily political propaganda?  Not likely.  The real reason behind the elitist’s push for the Copenhagen agreement was its provisions to create "global governance".  In other words, a one-world-government.  No more national sovereignty. 

Folks in the Exopolitical movement are very keen on the idea that the Earth needs to speak as one planet in order to be accepted into the galactic federation.  They speak quite often on the need for global governance in order to advance into the warm arms of the galactic community.  I consider some of the leading voices in exopolitics to be friends, and I respect their intellect.  Nevertheless, it is no secret that the exopolitical movement seems to be pro-global government.

So, here is another big IF.  IF there is truly an extraterrestrial reason for why we need global government—and that is a gigantic IF—then the elites have gotten a clear lesson in Copenhagen about what they must do to succeed.  They have to make full disclosure of the UFO / Extraterrestrial information.  They have to bring the public onboard.  They have to pony up with the information that supports why they need public support for globalization. 

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