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Secret Mary Magdalene Chapel may have been found in Paris
by Carolyn Shield

Posted: 11:11 December 29, 2009

Sacre Couer on Montmarte permission given to Carolyn Shield

Near the Basilica of Sacre Couer on Montmarte is located on Mons Martis which was later changed from the pagan Mount Mars to the mountain of the martyr. This part of Paris dates back to before the Merovingians. It is said Saint Denis lost his head there.

Some believe like Notre Dame in Paris that it is built on a Druid temple but there is no physical evidence.

One of the oldest churches in Paris is near Sacre Couer on Montmarte and it is Saint Pierre de Montmarte. It is where the Jesuit order began some say. A wall said to be part of the Temple to Mars is part of its structure and a Merovingian church was rebuilt in 1096 and a Benedictine convent established by Bernard of Clairvaux.

A French oral tradition has talked about Mary Magdalene coming to France in a oar less boat fleeing persecution in Jerusalem. Paris is possibly named after the Egyptian goddess Isis. Napoleon felt after his campaign in Egypt that of the silver ship of Isis with her star should be part of coat of arms. The drawing which was attached to Napoleon’s letter is today filed at the Biblioteque Nationale de Paris. Napoleon built the large and beautiful L'église de la Madeleine.

Louis IX believed Mary Magdalene had landed and lived in France. In Joinville’s memoirs writer of Saint Louis IX biography Louis visited Aix –Provence where Mary Magdalene’s body was laid. "We went to a lofty cave in a rock where they said Magdalene had dwelt as a hermit for seventeen years." This is written in Joinville’s memoirs.

The Carmel of Montmartre Picture permission given to Carolyn Shield

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