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Sam Willey established the UFO Radio News Network (UFNN) in May 2009. Sam has been researching the UFO subject since his first sighting in 2003. At the very early age of only 11 years Sam witnessed a UFO outside his home in the North East of England. Ever since that sighting in November 2003 Sam has been an avid researcher, sky watcher and seeker of the truth. Visit Sam's website Email Sam willey.

British MOD Closes UFO Project
by Sam Willey

Posted: 10:54 December 4, 2009

UFO Radio (a UFO Digest contributor) has learnt that the British Ministry of Defence has closed down its UFO project. The project has been taking reports of UFO activity from members of the public for 50 years.

It cost £50,000 a year to run and the MOD stated they thought funds could be better spent elsewhere. In particular they mentioned war efforts in Afghanistan.

We spoke with Nick Pope who was part of the MOD UFO Project between 1991 and 1993 who is outraged at the decision.

He believes the real reason the MOD have closed the project has more to do with frustration. Nick stated that the UFO mystery has not been… “Satisfactorily resolved in one way or the other”.

When we asked Nick if he thought the MOD would still continue investigations despite the project closure, he stated he was “absoluteley sure” of it.

Personally i am shocked at this move by the Ministry of Defence. I can only hope that this does not cause the British public to completeley disregard the subject. As a UFO researcher this truly feels like an early “Bah Humbug” Christmas present.

You can hear the full interview with Nick Pope on this weeks episode of the UFO Radio podcast.

The Sun Newspaper in the UK has reported on the story – Here

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