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Steve Hammons writes about Remote ViewingJim Quirk worked as a local government reporter for 13 years in Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Hawaii. He presently resides in the small eastern Pennsylvania town of Mahanoy Plane, where he grew up. Jim saw a UFO in 1994, and now wants to dedicate his reporting abilities to uncovering irrefutable proof of the extraterrestrial reality. His website is visit Jim Quirk's website at Email Jim at

Plan B
by Jim Quirk

(Copyright 2009, Jim Quirk - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 00:49 December 23, 2009

In the event President Obama ignores my Dec. 8 letter that requests the federal government to disclose the facts of the extraterrestrial reality – or in the event Obama does make a statement that dismisses the ET reality – it would be time to consider "Plan B."

There is a way for a civilian group to prove the existence of alien visitors but the effort would require lots of money, lots of patience and new ways of thinking that would make even Einstein shudder.

"Plan B," however, could work. There are millions of people from across the country and around the world that are being abducted on a regular basis by extraterrestrials. The trick to proving to the entire world that these people are, in fact, being abducted by aliens – and perhaps more importantly to prove that extraterrestrials are truly coming here – would be to turn the table on the abductors.

There have been attempts by abductees to capture on video or tape recording devices the moments when aliens storm their homes and take them away. All attempts thus far have been disappointing. But even if an abductee were able to capture on video images of the aliens who take them away on a regular basis, that would still not be enough to nudge the world into full belief mode. For instance, Denver resident Stan Romanek last year released video images of an alien peaking in his window but nobody knows for sure whether it’s real or not except for Romanek.

Instead of trying to capture images to prove a point, the best way to prove ET is here is to capture one of the actual creatures during one of their late-night abduction escapades. These creatures apparently believe it is within their right to abduct a human being from his or her home, his or her car, his or her boat, etc., so why shouldn’t we attempt to abduct one or more of the abductors? Should it not be within our right to let these beings know that we have no appreciation for what they are doing?

The only problem with trying to capture an extraterrestrial is that these beings are obviously much more technically advanced than we are, so we would have to dig deep into our collective cunning and produce a plan that could fool even the greatest of chess masters.

The basic blueprint for "Plan B" is as follows:

Find some financial backers who have $1 million or more to put up for the cause. It would be unclear exactly how much "Plan B" would cost until a financial analysis were conducted.

Hire two or three of the best trappers in the world

Hire two or three of the best ufologists in the world.

Hire an anatomy expert.

Seek the cooperation of psychiatrists who have patients that are being abducted by aliens on a regular basis. Have the psychiatrists ask these patients whether they would like to participate in a new program designed to help put a halt to the abductions. Whittle the list of abductees who agree to participate in the program down to three or four.

Have the trappers case the homes of each of the abductee participants to determine an extraordinary strategy to "trap" any extraterrestrial visitor that enters the participants’ homes.

When a "best method" is determined, move forward with any necessary construction, put the teams in place and wait for all the fun to happen.

Of course, the plan would have to be modified as things progressed, but Plan B just might be a way to finally end the debate. It would still have to be determined what the Plan B team would do if it were successful in capturing an extraterrestrial or two. Would the team immediately place a call to CNN and cart out their living specimen on live TV for the world to see?

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