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Rosslyn Chapel:
Occult Secrets and Esoteric Treasures Revealed

by Brian J. Allan

Review by Sean Casteel

Posted: 00:10 December 9, 2009

Brian J. Allan at Rosslyn Chapel
When studying subjects like UFOs and occult phenomena, one tends to continually rediscover the interrelatedness of things. For instance, a modern gray alien is closely related to ancient descriptions of both angels and demons, and all three types of those paranormal entities often spill over into encounters with ghosts and other manifestations of communication from the departed. Some researchers, like Raymond Fowler and Dr. Kenneth Ring, make a definite connection between alien abduction and Near-Death-Experiences, arguing that the same otherworldly beings are present in both kinds of encounters and represent contact with creatures that exert a hopefully benevolent power over our very souls.

So it is with sacred sites as well. Some locations on this planet seem to radiate a kind of energy that transcends the limits of space and time and opens doorways for discerning mortals to step through into planes of existence that vibrate at a much higher frequency than everyday life on this planet allows for. Itís similar to that familiar catchphrase from real estate: Location, location, location.

In this instance, we take up the study of Rosslyn Chapel as researched and analyzed by longtime paranormal researcher Brian J. Allan in his new book "Rosslyn Chapel: Occult Secrets and Esoteric Treasures Revealed," published by Global Communications. If ever a particular place on Earth served as a "hot contact" with the strange, Rosslyn Chapel should certainly qualify.

There is currently a great deal of interest in Rosslyn Chapel, particularly since it figures so prominently in the last part of Dan Brownís 2003 novel, "The Da Vinci Code." According to the Wikipedia online encyclopedia, Brown incorrectly stated that the chapel was built by the Knights Templar and contains a six-pointed Star of David worn into the stone floor although no such star is present. It is believed that Brown never visited the chapel until after his book had been published and that he had relied on erroneous previously published material.

The same cannot be said of Brian J. Allan, however. "Rosslyn Chapel" recounts his adventures there, beginning in 1998, both on his own and in the company of several gifted psychics who he hoped would help to shed some light on the many mysteries there. The book includes the reports from his psychic acquaintances, all of whom experienced moments of contact with some higher force that seemed to govern the location from some mysterious and hidden vantage point.

Along with the newer investigations detailed in the book, there is also plenty of solid history and folklore that will bring the newcomer to the subject up to speed.

"The area surrounding the chapel," Allan writes, "is steeped in Scottish history. There is reputedly, and perhaps predictably, the ghost image of a mounted Black Knight which has been seen by several motorists while driving past the surrounding area. The chapel itself also has its own tales of specters and in this case the sightings have in the main been of monks. The most impressive of these sightings was in the crypt and reputedly featured a monk praying at the altar situated below the crypt window and surrounded by four knights.

"The strangest," Allan continues, "but from our point of view the most significant legend attached to the chapel concerns events that allegedly occur upon the death of Sir William of Rosslynís direct descendants: the entire chapel lights up as if it were on fire."

The famous Scottish poet Sir Walter Scott even wrote a few lines of verse about the phenomenon, which one can read in Allanís book.

The aforementioned Sir William of Rosslyn, or as he is called by his family name, William Sinclair, First Earl of Caithness, came from a noble family descended from Norman knights. It was he who founded the chapel in the mid-15th century, which was intended to celebrate the Divine Office throughout the day and night as well as to celebrate the Holy Mass for all the faithful departed, including the deceased members of the Sinclair family. In 1560 came the Scottish Reformation, which effectively ended Roman Catholic worship at the chapel, though the Sinclair family privately stuck to their faith until the early 1700s.

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To find out more information or to purchase this book simply click on the title: Rosslyn Chapel - Occult Secrets and Esoteric Treasures Revealed (Book and Bonus Audio CD)

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