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Tony R. Elliott is an established writer with articles in American Chronicle, Fate Magazine, Divine Caroline and various publications of differing topics. His new book titled Aura Visions: The Origin's Prophecy is available at his website He was a Political Commentary Columnist for the Cimarron News Press in Cimarron, New Mexico from 2001 to 2003 generating the controversy for which he was hired. He also was a regular writer for several small coastal newspapers in Southern Oregon during the early 1990s. Thanks: Tony R. Elliott. You can email Tony at

The Roswell Agreement
by Tony Elliott

Posted: 12:00 December 6, 2009

Roswell; Worthy Of Risking All The Evidence?

What we are experiencing today politically in the form of the globalization of the world's countries into an integrated one-world government through trade, climate change, and environmental concerns is the result of what was discussed in the 1940's between the world's governments and extraterrestrials. This vast change from sovereign individual borders to a worldwide community is a directive that was laid out to those in governmental power shortly after the Roswell crash by extraterrestrial entities involved with the incident.

As time has no meaning to the visitors in the sense of always existing on one plain and always being three-dimensional. It is possible that the Roswell crash victims were able to deliberately smash their craft into the New Mexican desert killing all of them and later return to the area for communication with those governmental officials at Roswell days later. This could easily be done by beings that use differing dimensions as a way of travel.

What is going on today with the globalization of almost everything is the result of an agreement by most world governments and the visitors during their meeting in the 1940's.

The extraterrestrial communication began as the result of necessity from their observations of our use of atomic weapons. This discovery by the visitors made it imperative to directly communicate with us as we now had the ability to destroy our whole planet and possibly become a danger to other extraterrestrial societies when we became able to travel to the far reaches of space.

Majestic 12, Project Blue Book, and many other so-called Black Projects dealing with U.F.O.s now and since then are just smokescreens to keep the public side lined to the truth of the agreement made between our terrestrial governments and the visitors. Most of the debunking was also part of the deception.

The actual agreement made was that we must denationalize the world's governments into one global community therefore eliminating most strife seen between sovereign states in the form of war.

The biggest step in accomplishing this was to completely change the way we do business and above all eliminate any strife between the world's population such as race, religion, economic achievement, and pride of origin.

We have been going through this change since then. Most was subliminal in the beginning with desires by the world's superpowers to help poorer nations with food supplies and technology to bring them up to speed with the times.

The Cold War was nothing more than a facade put on by the United States, the then Soviet Union, and China as an excuse to modernize technology and bring other countries into the New World Order. Most of the wars during the Cold War were attempts by the superpowers to crush independent forms of governments from becoming independent states and accepting the idea of belonging to a community of nations with the same goals and desires.

During this time, there were three major regions of the world. Those belonging to the U.S., China, and or Russia. Each region of countries enjoyed the benefits of belonging to a block of nations such as trade, economic achievement and the uniting idea of one for all and all for one.

Since the 70, the rush to unite the regions began to pick up steam with global concerns of the environment, energy, and conservation.

During the 80, a major achievement was made in our globalization of separate societies when Mikhail Gorbachev began the process of dissolving the Soviet Union in the form of a massive restructuring of his country known as Perestroika. This would eventually lead to the collapse of the Soviet Union, as was the case in the 1990.

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