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Steve Hammons writes about Remote ViewingJim Quirk worked as a local government reporter for 13 years in Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Hawaii. He presently resides in the small eastern Pennsylvania town of Mahanoy Plane, where he grew up. Jim saw a UFO in 1994, and now wants to dedicate his reporting abilities to uncovering irrefutable proof of the extraterrestrial reality. His website is visit Jim Quirk's website at Email Jim at

A Tale of Two Cities
by Jim Quirk

(Copyright 2009, Jim Quirk - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 12:49 December 20, 2009

Part I: The Pessimist

A Tale of Two Cities from President Obama
Maybe we don’t "need to know?" Ever since I started posting stories on UFO Digest and my website about seeking official disclosure, a part of me feels it is probably not going to happen, at least not by the choice of the people governing our country. Richard M. Dolan, author of the two-volume historical overview of the U.S. government’s dealings with Unidentified Flying Objects, "UFOs and the National Security State," acknowledged to me during a recent interview that there are many people – family, friends, acquaintances – within his orbit who simply do not accept the extraterrestrial hypothesis.

The same is true for me. Most people I know laugh when the subject is broached. They have been conditioned to believe the ET subject is silly. What would happen, then, if the President of the United States suddenly came forward and admitted that some of the UFOs people see flying around are actually piloted by extraterrestrials. Like UFO researcher Bruce Maccabee opined in a recent article, "I suppose all hell would break loose." Disclosure about UFOs being real is one thing, but just how would our government try to explain the stories of alien abduction? Dolan said in a recent interview that suddenly the abduction stories would no longer sound silly to some people and that it would be difficult for the government to account for them.

After the shock disclosure would cause began to settle, some panic would set in. People who had no interest or only a passing interest in UFOs would suddenly have a great interest in UFOs. The demand for UFO and extraterrestrial books and TV documentaries on DVD would spike. The daily lead story on TV news programs would be related to UFOs and extraterrestrials. Internet websites that focus on the extraterrestrial reality would receive traffic of epic proportions. People would no longer be as interested in local, state and federal government affairs because the extraterrestrial topic would dominate their thoughts. As time progressed, panic would most likely transform into raw fear for many people when books about abduction that have been around for years by authors such as Budd Hopkins, David M. Jacobs, Whitley Strieber and Raymond E. Fowler reenter the public consciousness on a scale never dreamed of before.

Disclosure would change the world, and perhaps in some ways nobody would ever have imagined. For instance, extraterrestrials that have been operating in secret for so long may finally begin to conduct their business – whatever that is – in full view, uncaring if an entire city witnesses them abduct a family of five in broad daylight. Alien beings could possibly just present themselves in public and do with us what they wish unimpeded. And just what are they doing here? Is it a hybridization program as outlined so frighteningly by Jacobs in his book, "The Threat," where the end result is aliens in control of Earth? Just as the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand sparked World War I, would official disclosure of the ET reality spark Star Wars I?

Maybe it is best for the government to continue the cover-up? Maybe there’s a very good reason to keep the lid on the truth?

Part II: The Seeker

When flying saucers initially became a concern for America and the world in 1947, the effort to keep the truth about the UFOs’ extraterrestrial origin orchestrated by the federal government was completely justifiable. Of course, government officials could have taken a better approach to persuade some folks in Roswell to keep quiet about what they knew about a crashed flying saucer found on a nearby ranch than resorting to death threats and intimidation. But even that should be forgivable considering our country’s government at the time was new to dealing with spaceships and aliens from other worlds. Could the government be held accountable for acting irrational when presented with something so fantastic and unbelievable in 1947 as the reality that we’re not alone in the universe? Hardly.

Imagine being the President of the United States or the commanding general in the U.S. Army or a top scientist working for the government in 1947 and you’re presented with proof that extraterrestrial visitors are coming to Earth. Presidents, generals and scientists are human, too, and they would have most certainly felt raw fear and surprise just like anyone else would when they were furnished with the fact that alien creatures are here. They’re own fears caused the lid to get clamped immediately because they were uncertain how the rest of the world would react to the news. Moreover, the leaders of the time could not have known anything about who these beings were, where they came from and how they traveled through space to get here. Gathering more information about the phenomenon was officialdom’s prevailing thought at the time.

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