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Steve Hammons writes about Remote ViewingJim Quirk worked as a local government reporter for 13 years in Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Hawaii. He presently resides in the small eastern Pennsylvania town of Mahanoy Plane, where he grew up. Jim saw a UFO in 1994, and now wants to dedicate his reporting abilities to uncovering irrefutable proof of the extraterrestrial reality. His website is visit Jim Quirk's website at Email Jim at

UFO experts: Shock, panic possible when official disclosure made!
by Jim Quirk

(Copyright 2009, Jim Quirk - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 01:10 December 11, 2009

Roswell; Worthy Of Risking All The Evidence?
Bruce Maccabee Interviewed on the Fox Network
Shock and panic will most likely be the initial reaction of many people across the globe when the U.S. government provides official disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth, some top UFO researchers said this week.

“In general, I suppose all hell will break loose,” Bruce Maccabee, an optical physicist formerly employed by the U.S. Navy and a UFO researcher since the 1960s, said this week in a prepared statement regarding the question of UFO disclosure by the government.

“What exactly happens will depend, at least in part, on exactly what the government says of what disclosure discloses,” Maccabee wrote. “Do we face love, hate or indifference? Are they buddies from space or are they desirous of ‘serving man’ a la the ‘Twilight Zone?’ Did they ‘just’ discover us (thousands of years ago) or did they make us in the first place?”

Richard M. Dolan, a UFO researcher since the early 1990s and author of “UFOs and the National Security State,” a two-volume history of the U.S. government’s ET cover-up, said during a Thursday phone interview the initial reaction of many people should government disclosure be made will be shock.

“There certainly would be a great shock,” he said, adding that he has relatives and friends he is certain would “pull the hair out of their head” if they were presented with word from officialdom that extraterrestrial visitors to Earth are a reality. Dolan said he also believes the government would be leveled with a major political and financial crisis if and when disclosure is made.

There would be a financial crisis, he said, because then the government would need to explain how it paid for various programs to deal with the UFO problem since the late 1940s when it first became an issue. “There will be lots of questions,” Dolan said, adding that many Americans will also wonder how the federal government kept its UFO knowledge secret for over 60 years from the media, scientists and academics.

Maccabee said the “variety of responses (from people) will parallel the variety of personal interests and personality types.”

“Some will be glad, some will be sad,” he said. “Some will be scared and ‘head for the hills,’ but then they’ll realize that ‘they (aliens)’ can get them in the hills, too. And quite a few will think they have ‘been had’ by the government. They won’t believe in the ET explanation but will instead assume it is ‘yet another government plot’ to … (either) take over the world … bring world peace at the cost of personal freedom, justify monumental military expenditures and military expansion.”

Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist who has investigated UFOs since the 1960s and author of several UFO books, including “Flying Saucers and Science,” said in an email message this week that the reaction of people to confirmation from the government that extraterrestrials are visiting the planet is dependent on “what they (government) tell and how they tell it.”

“Will it (disclosure) leave out technical data? I hope,” Friedman wrote. “Will they also announce that other governments are joining with them? This is an international problem with many different implications for religion, politics, economics. Will (the government) announce planned conferences to deal with these? Will they provide proof they are telling the truth?”

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